Exhaust OCC muffler troubles



So right now...I have my muffler pointing straight up into my face. I can't get it around the crank without welding or buying the pipe from livefast

Should I have my frined's dad weld me one or would it be better to just buy one?

If he does weld should I just have it around the crank or should I bring it all the way back to the rear wheel like livefast's?

OCC muffler options

Hey, someone else from Wis with a OCC chinese bike. I just put one together and ended up using an expansion chamber from a pocket bike along with a piece of conduit (3/4") bent with a conduit bender. It looks and works great. If you're around the milwaukee area let me know and maybe I can help you out. regards.
conduit??! seriously?!?! did you weld that... usually conduit is emt and gives off horrid gasses anyway. Well if it works it works :devilish: :devilish:
hey Prowler

Im actually in Waukesha right next to milwaukee

Although your Name kinda makes me think you're a creapy stalker killer

So did you just bend the conduit and chop the header from the included muffler and weld it on there? some pictures would be nice :D
muffler update

I purchased a pocket bike expansion chamber off of the Bay ($20) and lopped off the headpipe. Then I took the exhaust flange from the bike motor and cut it flush. Using the conduit bender, I bent a nice raduis that would transition from the exhaust flange under the bottom bracket of the bike and welded everything up (looks good, I think). For welding up conduit, it helps to wire wheel the galvanizing off the pipe before welding. Oh, forgot to mention that I painted the conduit black after welding so it'd match the chamber. I'll post some picts today if I get a chance.
It is the fumes from the vaporizing zinc that are harmful.
Galvanizing should be ground off and the welding done in a well ventilated area.
Home welder/mechanics will set up a fan about 10' away to provide fresh air.

Looking forward to the pictars. :)

Here's the muffler using conduit for the headpipe.
That looks tough...kinda like a little thug. I like it mucho-macho. :cool:

Note: Expansion chambers tend to be installed close to the exhaust port.

I was hoping to get the chamber closer to the exhaust port similar to the pocket bike, but it ran into the pedals, so had to mount it a little farther rearward. I'm guessing that since the volume of the engine displacement is about 6cc larger (15%) than the pocket bike, the additional volume of the head pipe prior to the chamber should still keep it tuned close to what it should be for WO performance(?).
Life is filled with compromises, so do not worry. As long as it runs w/o 4 stroking your OK. (4 stroking is hit 'n miss engine ignition)

It does look good.