Occ Schwinn chopper build

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  1. Donny Northwood

    Donny Northwood New Member

    Hey guys I'm Putting my occ schwinn chopper progress up here for you to see. 66cc engine. I've built a few before but never a chopper like this. So far what I've got is....The engine mount is a pain, I have to use spacers in the back. I have a dellorto carb running a 60 jet. Expansion chamber is on it's way...this motor was on a mountain bike for a while until I folded the front wheel up on it. Got about 400 miles on it and runs pretty good. It was a daily driver when it was on the mountain bike. I run an hd lightning cdi. The bike is a junker occ schwinn stingray ive sanded and primed. All the pieces that are primed blue will soon be white. Torching the temporary exhaust tomorrow so I can run and test it before the exp chamber comes. Just can't wait that long haha.

    I have a few finishing touches to do, some longer cables to buy, some different paint to choose...but finally progressing.



  2. OCCStingray

    OCCStingray Member

    Coming along very nicely.
  3. ChillyWilly

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    i just finished dismantling mine for another build but.... i have a soft spot for these choppers looks hella good in blue !!
  4. Donny Northwood

    Donny Northwood New Member

    Nice chilly willy. Yeah they're sexy when their built but man is it a pain gettin everything to fit on these things haha