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    Hi.. fellow chopper heads...welcome from Down Under
    My 13 year son and I have been building a Schwinn Stingray OCC chopper with a 70 cc motor and as usual have had a lot of problems with getting a motor mounting bracket and trying to work out the hub adaptor to get the beast to run. With some resourceful thinking and the help of a good neighbour who builds old BSA road bikes we have designed and built a perfect mount that fits the eliptical frame well with all the force directed to the outside of the eliptical shape with no stress on the frame itself,..in fact I am sure it make the frame stronger and of course will support the motor with no risk of vibration causing future problems. The back hub is the difficult part as the supplied hub fittings are made for mountain bikes and thinner back tyres. The engine has to be offset to the left so the alignemt of the drive train is not compromised and wear will be at a minimal as well as the strength of the fitting will not suffer under speed and use. My mate next door has some big engineering answers for the hub adaptor but we became impatient with his maths and plans...We researched a local dealer in motorised bikes and in particular Schwinn Stingrays which he sells assembled and ready to run for around $800 Australian. He sold and delivered a full back aluminium hub with a new tyre and the sprocket and hub gear attached and of course another chain (original too short) for $130 Australian..It fitted perfectly and in the next day or so we will line up the mount bracket / weld the two struts that hold the motor and then chop off into the sunset. Resourcing always makes the build easier and takes a lot of guesswork out of the process.
    The outlet in Australia is GASMANBIKES in Sydney Australia..good service and free advice..we got the delivery the day after I ordered it.
    There is a guy on EBay that sells the mounting bracket for $70 US plus postage but as we made our own we think it is much better / much stronger and a cleaner design with good rubber suspension attached to fit that eliptical nightmare shape..I may even start making the mounts and offering them for sale at a lot less than $70 US. If anyone wants a photo or design info for their build I am happy to supply the info and photo free to help them out so they can get out of the garage and on the street.
    Thanks for your great site and the info available to help us in our quest to get the build done..Got to go and get the wind to mess up my sons hair Thanks again..
    Ian Harding.. Australia

    EMAIL..kareyanda@hotmail.com......?may have to add "au" if out of OZ

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    Have you posted any pics of your mount?
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    Motor Mount Info

    Hey James...Eno in Oz...Go to my ALBUM.... Ask away..give me some pics..see ya..