OCC Stingray chopper turned SUPER TRIKE

Discussion in 'Motorized Trikes' started by Schwinndemon, May 28, 2012.

  1. Schwinndemon

    Schwinndemon New Member

    here is a video of what i did to my chopper bicycle, did this complete modification for free with snowblower parts and random junk. check it out and let me know what you think.
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  2. Mitch135

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    Don't see why no one has posted on this I think it looks very cool I wouldn't mind having one to drive around the farm, reminds me of an old three wheeler except more chopper style. I would need some suspension on mine though its kinda bumpy around here. I want to see a video of it running and in action.
    Good job
  3. SimpleSimon

    SimpleSimon Active Member

    Nice work indeed. For myself, the chopper style leaves me cold, but I appreciate the craftmanship you've displayed.