Sprockets OCC Stingray Sprocket Help Plz

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  1. HeavyMetal84

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    I ordered a 70cc motor kit and the holes on the sprocket are about 3/4" too close to the center of the sprocket to fit on the rear tire. Same thing with the rubber pieces and the metal pieces that go inside the tire. Is there any way around this? I don't want to do any drilling or cutting to the tire. Maybe I could drill the sprocket holes out about 3/4"?

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    heya i just finnished building a chopper....check fer posts from me to see ...this Little Piggy

    what i did as i wimped out..yup I did it the easy way

    Motor Mount for OCC Stingray Chopper: Make sure u mount the engine on think rubber....engine is Tight and it dont move an inch..nice

    Sprocket Adaptor/ Hub Mount for OCC Stingray Chopper:...insteada messing around fer 2 hours ......took 5 mins..ok 10 mins

    and the exhaust he has looks nice to..my next purchace


    no there is some drilling to do in the back hub..but its so simple....and so much easier


    hope that helps

    we also made a custom chain tightener....ill see about getting a picture of that and posting it

    also what comes in handy...and i cant remeber what they called...tbars...like the older bikes had to pull the back wheel tight....had a bolt and screw ....tighter the bolt tighter the chain...:)
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  3. mikaleno

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    Yeah, get the sprocket/hub mount from "Livefastmotors"; (in fact I like their chopper kit.) You have to drill the holes in your hub to mount their's. With my 36T sprocket I had to Dremel out the holes a little bit to match the hub.

    If anybody has a better chain tensioner idea for the OCC StingRay I would sure be interested in seeing it!
  4. BigFella

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    i just used the set up that came with the kit,it tokk about 10min to fit and about 20m to tightn it all up

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  5. mikaleno

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    Hey, that will work too, and you saved yourself some bones.

    Now I have the chain and tensioner on the outside of the swing arm on mine, runs better/quieter than on the inside of the swing arm.

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  6. BigFella

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    i didnt have to use the chain tensioner with the way i mounted the kit
  7. stude13

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    you will when it streches.
  8. mikaleno

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    Well you can move the motor mount forward or back to take up the slack. That's how I delt with that when I lost the tensioner. Only problem is when you use a smaller sprocket the chain hits the brake assembly.
  9. mikemc525

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    what is the advantage of using a smaller sproket? what size is best for the stingray bike?
  10. The smaller the rear sprocket the faster (up to a point), the larger the rear sprocket the quicker, but slower on top speed....
  11. This might work mounted on your seatpost and keep the chain from hitting the chainstay on top, if your current setup doesnt hold up...

  12. mikaleno

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    Ah, with the 40-44 tooth sprocket you will get great torque, (but do you really need to climb telephone poles). So I went down a few teeth, to the 36T sprocket. I think that size is about right for the OCC StingRay. The bike will do about 30mph balls out, but it likes to cruise about 20-25mph. That's not a bad idea considering that cheesy rear brake is the only thing between you and your maker........But hey, it's a chopper, we don't need no sissy front brakes and shocks....Most chopper riders wouldn't even wear a helmet unless they mandated it.
  13. mikaleno

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    Thanks', yes I was looking at this awhile back and was trying to find it on the TS site but couldn't find it. I will track it down and give it a shot, it looks like a much quieter setup than that hard plastic wheel.