occ stingray stick shift mount

Discussion in 'Frame Mounted Engines' started by mister ed, Jun 24, 2008.

  1. mister ed

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    hey im building a occ stingray and I was wondering if the stick shift would be in the way of the engine and/or mount. I plan on putting a 70cc 2 stroke engine on it. the engine is one of those kits you can buy for bikes. the bike is a 3 speed. also if i can mount engine with stick shift, will i still be able to use the stick shift to change gears? thx for the help:grin:

  2. Huntington

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    First, .. anything is possible. I have a chopper bike I am working on now, well waiting for the HT motor to arrive. I plain to mount my clutch suicide style, I'm guessing thats what your after too, the old school look.

    The shifter will only work on the motor, to engage/disengage the motor drive. Your 3 speed gears are independent of the motor and are only effective while pedaling. It is not safe to try and rig the 3 speed to the motor, a derail system is not meant for high speed and you will get hurt.

    I would stick with the fixed gear set-up on the motor drive.
  3. Huntington

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    okay I'm an idiot, miss read your post and can't figure out how to edit my old post. ...

    Anyway it looks like your gear shifter will be in the way, I would remove or relocate the shifter or if your supper attached to the thing you can always mount the engine on the side away from the shifter. Or sell it to me so I can modify it to work as my clutch shifter... :)