OCC stingray - what motor?

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by graham, May 5, 2015.

  1. graham

    graham New Member

    I want to put a motor on the bike but not one from the kits because they are over priced and underpowered.

    What is the biggest engine I can fit on the bike?

  2. 2old2learn

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    You would need to check your state and local laws regarding maximum engine size or power output allowed. Given the structural integrity of many bicycles, just how fast do you want to go?

    Last time I checked, the world speed record of a non powered bicycle on flat ground with no wind across a measured mile was 81mph. Naturally, this was not a Walmart Huffy bike!

    The ideal speed of a motorized bike, is the average speed of in town traffic so few drivers are passing us and vice versa. Any faster than that and we are courting law enforcement scrutiny and increased risk of accident severity.

    If your building one for racing at sanctioned racing events on non public roads then the issue will become physical size and structural integrity and whatever restrictions the racing event imposes on the equipment.
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  3. Timbone

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    Kit motors are NOT overpriced. You can buy a brand new 66cc engine for $100. 2 hp is enough to get to 30 mph. I'd suggest that if you want to run 3 hp or more for the street, you should get a motorcycle.
  4. graham

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    Basically I would like to go around 25-35. I would be happy cruising along at 25-30 but 40mp top speed. I'm not sure how the gear ratio could be set up, but I would basically get it going a bit (maybe 10mph) and then have it kick in, so I would get a little more top speed out of it.

    I really don't know where to start, but I can't justify dropping $250 on one of the kits

    From what I looked up, the bike kits were around $250 and for that price, I can pretty much get a brand new lifan 125cc and slap it on my honda ct70...
  5. 2old2learn

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    Most of the small 2 stroke kits are capable of meeting most of your objectives. The hardest will be the 40mph goal. By the time I'm done with my current build I'll have over a grand invested in it and I don't know yet if I can meet your objectives. My focus is on reliability and durability as I plan to put myself and the bike into wilderness areas where failure may require walking out 40 or 50 miles and often with no cellular coverage. I'll likely get a Spot messenger as a backup communication device which uses satellite communication. You might keep your eyes open for a used John Deere silver jubilee self propelled lawnmower with the 4.5 Hp 4 stroke OHV Kawasaki pressurized oil system with aluminum block as a viable candidate to power your bike. I've not looked into the challenges of trying to mount one yet, but since I have one I'm sure I can get the measurements for you.
  6. i just went with the 66cc zoom on my occ. runs like a champ and only cost 199 plus an extra sprocket(free shipping over 200$)