OCEAN PARK, WA. August 29-30 2009

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    this isn't an "official" anything...it isn't a "1st" or a "2nd" or a "rally" or a nuttin'. no hoopla, no trying to make things happen...let's let it happen on it's own, it will or it won't, eh? so let's keep this personal & simple.

    i live in a home that has absolutely TONS of space...an acre with full-fencing, huge shop area, major parking space, and an RV-awning that would be a perfect shelter for a sale/swap. bring that box of stuff someone else needs & fill up a new one...discrete vendor activity is totally ok by me, too.

    we have plenty of tenting space, and a large living area that would make a nice sleepingbag dorm for those that wanna stay inside. we could easily host 50 folks, even more if we like each other a lot.

    kitchen, fridge-space, shower, laundry, workshop...all yours to enjoy.

    and, we have a beautiful riding environment...learn more here: www.FunBeach.com

    this is an invite to everyone to gather here on the weekend of August 29-30 2009 for some riding and howling at the moon, separately or together, the nite-rides up here are unforgettable. we chose this late weekend because we'll have the roads pretty much to ourselves.

    we'll have us a couple breakfast buffets, and a fire-fest/bbq on saturday nite...and take a group-ride up to Ledbetter Point on sunday.

    you can arrive/leave whenever you want, but time it to be here thru the weekend. it'll cost you house-overhead because i'm not made of moola. we can pass the hat when the time comes.

    so, come on up, meet the local riders, we have many...and meet each other, too!

    a couple points need pointing out.

    1) NO "engine politics" at this affair...no matter our likes, dislikes, legal or political opinions...this will NOT be the time to discuss them. let's all just take a look at each others' rides & appreciate each one for what it is, and appreciate the person who built it as well.

    2) in Ocean Park we ALWAYS wear helmets and use full-time lighting. this isn't negotiable, we need you to help us continue to earn our right to ride.

    an rsvp here or to augidog@netzero.com would help.

    moderators: i won't be monitoring this much, please help keep this ontrack & positive? thanks!

    local riders: you know that whatever you can do to help will be most appreciated, get in touch :cool2:


  2. Pablo

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    Not sure how we can turn this into a fight, but let's NOT. I'm there. Trailer with three bikes. Tools. Food. Beer (for the after ride).
  3. Junster

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    I have a place on Sandridge bout half way to Oysterville. I'll be there. I'll have lights on my bike by then too. Looking forward to a face to face and a ride with as many of you as can show. Be sure to buy some sausage at Jack's, their own recipe best you'll find anywhere.
  4. quay1962

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    you know i will be there and so will Shane...probably be roped in to helping when the time comes...as always!
  5. augidog

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    noone gets roped into anything this year

    hehe...not even me :whistling: since we'll still be living here in august my part is done, & the spot is perfect..."bring it on" is all i'm sayin'.

    i don't think you'd be expected to "host"...i think i'd prefer it if you-two just attended and enjoyed yourselves, that's what i'm hoping to do...but, i know that you'll wind up jumpin' in anyways 'cuz that's how you guys is.

    once here, the crowd can take care of itself, i'm positive of that.

    there is one thing that i think would go over well, and that would be a more-organized ride on sunday...and when wavy's had enuff alone-time i think i'll ask him to be road-captain & recruit himself a crew...hope he sez yes, 'cuz i just wanna ride :helmet:

    rif mentioned elsewhere that this year could be one of healing, i'm gonna take him up on that...i'm making it a year of bygones & i'm asking lots of people to join me in that.

    don't matter the past, finally it IS the past...altho most of y'all have never met, i've had the rare pleasure of personally meeting many of you, and as i've relaxed the gratitude & fond memories have come back to the forefront for me...let me give you all this opportunity to enjoy knowing each other like i've come to know you. don't show up FOR me, show up for EACH OTHER. talk each other into it. over on motorbicycling, too...you guys do the same...you're all talented & giving people, and i'm gonna start concentrating on that instead of a buncha stuff that's handling itself quite nicely nowadays, ok?

    try me, i'll be here if ya wanna ride :cool2:
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  6. wavygravy

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    lets call it a rally!

    after some good timehealing & twiddlefreaking on my bikes alone in my man cave ive come to the conclusion i must suck it up for the betterment of the motoredbikeing masses, as ive said before time heals all wounds. id be happy to road captain & come up with a more entertaining ride with historic info stops-like sea food goody stop at the old oysterville canery, many hordourves!ect! at the end of the ride maybe we could do a short show & shine at sheldon fild for the town sunday & then back to what ever just a thought! as part of the sunday ride itenery!
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  7. quay1962

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    Ralley, huge BBQ Whatever...Lets ride alot of us!

    :whistling::dunce:Ok..I am getting excited again...I will own that bike soon Augi! I promise..whatever will be will be and I am just happy we are doing it!:devilish:
  8. Zemus DE

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    Well hopefully this time around I can make it outta MT. I'll try and bring the bus out again, that way I can bring some fun shop toys and tools.
  9. wavygravy

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    sounding good hope we can step back & look at the bigger picture & make it more entertaining for the masses within reason of course! p.n.w. riders pm me & we will plan itenerary! oh god give us incrediblely good weather , patience & planning to make this as good or better as last year!! amen!!
  10. augidog

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    there ya go, then :)

    brian, the ride is yours, thank you from all of us...please keep us posted as yer plans come together :cool:

    i surely hope you & stormy will join us for the saturday-nite blast, private & safe :)

    wavy's got the riding-experience & the local connections...maybe there's a tradition in the making here, something to replace the slowly-dying rod-run...he may not need a facility like sheldon field yet...but i agree it'll make a great ad-hoc gathering point. anyone who has an interest in running ride-support, hit wavy.

    a wheelmaster rear-drum & a scooterguy-built 49cc are on the way for sabrina, gebe of course...i decided chopping her again would be bad karma, so i'll just get some springs under the seat like before...she and i will both be ready for august :cool2:
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  11. wavygravy

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    now were getting somewhere! now i can get back into the swing of things! im thinking the sunday ride will be at 25 mph as to not string out the bunch to much & fairly frequent stops at historic & scenic spots will narate & answer questions.this will get us regroped & time to look for any mecanical issues that may not ocur! i know the owners of the old oysterville cannery they have lots of goody seafood treats- oyster shooters, seafood savieche,shrimp cocktails, & much more! then after the ride we can end up at sheldon field for the very public show & shine , maybe noon to five sunday? get your best answers ready about your bike as you will be swarmed! like the tourist that asked me how my engine worked? i said it went around! & so do the tires! lol!! anybody who wants to help as roadie backup let me know & we will keep the pack rolling through cell phone comunication! now we can put our heads togather & do something really cool! ill show the pnw riders seldon field paperwork & get the ball rolling! motorbike central is the best place to base camp ect as well as many other amenitys to choose from! twiddlefreaks & gizmonutz unite!!
  12. augidog

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    food for thought

    last year's ride, we left the park at 10A...at 25mph, it took us until 1P to get to the point & back to deanna's. as i recall, by 3P we had started to lose folks who had to get home.

    hope this helps with plans :cool:
  13. wavygravy

    wavygravy Guest

    organized ride sat? show & shine sunday? will that work?
  14. quay1962

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    sounds good, however peeps to start showing up Saturday morning? Then an organized ride at 3pm or? Sheldon show and shine Sunday from 2-4? Then whatever else we feel like doing???
  15. augidog

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    time goes much faster than expected, be wary of overdoing.

    the saturday public meet/greet at my place would be very much like last year at the park, but we won't have to move the crowd later (the sales/swap guys should announce their intentions to arrive early saturday)...then we ease right into a private bbq-party, the campers who prefer a quiter evening can use the other side of the house or crash elsewhere...as mentioned we have lots of inside floor-space also.

    i cast my vote for a sunday ride...i suggest a 10A to 5P sunday schedule, making sure peeps will be able to make an earlier escape if needs be. if you can squeeze some hang-out time downtown into that, good deal, i wouldn't spend too much $ on it tho, time will be short...other than that i pretty much vote for whatever you come up with.
  16. wavygravy

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    na you can have it augi! i give up on trying to get you to compromise for a more public venue! & now back to motoredbike central folks. it could have been great new event in the makeing for our comunity & motoredbike comunity & to do what we like to do best- show our bikes & have folks drool! i could be wrong! i was hopeing this could evolve into a green eco fair ect!
  17. augidog

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    pulling out

    i'm sorry, folks...but i won't be living here in august, due to other carp caused by this carp.
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    theres nice weather in florida!
  19. Pablo

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  20. augidog

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    explaination of sorts

    if i had lucked into living here before the social problems in OP started, back when everything i did turned to gold for the local riders...this place would be daily bustling & truly an MB-Center, and there would be no question that we'd use this FANTASTIC place for our gatherings...but, that was then this is now.

    this is a beautiful area to ride but one he(ck) of a "peyton place"...as mentioned elsewhere outsiders have influenced this meltdown of the PNW group...the sad part is that wavygravy himself could tell you stories of how cool it used to be here. he even has a photo album to help him remember what cool is.

    since i'm out of it for good, my reasons for wanting to keep the glitter low-key & only attract serious new riders no longer matter, but if y'all want a long-term tradition you'll be best off focusing on the ride & comraderie, just like the rod-run.

    again, sorry to those who feel let down, but i think it's clear now this has not been all my doing.
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