Ocean Park WA to Newport OR solo-run


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Sep 30, 2006
Alabama Holly Pond
As a prize for the daredevil ride, I sure would like to buy the Dawg some Mr. Tuffy Tire Liners !!

I got three flats the first long trip I made to Florida, have had only one since, and it was from the spokeends rubbing through that rubber gasket, none from anything coming through the tire.

I think I'm gonna buy some Mr.Tuffy common stock when Wall Street opens after the holidays ! :???:

Have fun guys !! 8)


good to hear it's only tires and tubes , my tires sence I got them are the best hands down,they are the Schwalbe Marathon Plus HS 348's at 45. ea sound exspensive but well worth it 2 months and not 1 flat yet 8)


i really wanted to do a travelogue topic, but i realized without my own pics it wasn't much to look at. thing is, this was all about getting there & i didn't see much of the asbsolutely fantastic scenery. it was focus on the white line all the way...precipices to the right, logging trucks to the left. it's not really fair to say they gave me a hard time because they didn't have any room either. oregon seems overall very bicycle friendly, there were generous lanes in many areas, but then there were miles on end where my "lane" was the 2 ft of crumbling road-edge on my side of the line.

pretty hairy...

i did about 20-25 miles at a time, WOT mostly, averaged 25mph level and maintained 23mph uphill withj a bit of pedaling here and there.then had a smoke and admired the overwhelming views while the engine cooled.

the tire thingy was too easy. i was right by a dept store that had some bell foldable kevlars and extra thick slime tubes. $25 and half an hour later (i used a shopping cart to "hang" the seat on, that was easy too) and i was rolling.

not one tiny engine problem, i swear, so i guess i've answered my own early question about the long-distance endurance of the "happy time." i used 1.6 gallons of 30:1.

165 miles of coastal madness in 12 hours!

would i do it again? maybe not, now that i know about those 5-mile steady climbs. maybe so because it was as kick-ass an adventure as you could want...guess we'll see what comes up for the PNW 8)


Hey Augi. I just got around to reading this thread. Amazing it took me this long to find it, but there's sooo much good info around this forum that I just get lost sometimes. After I ride down to Ocean Park next year (I already notified my boss that I was going to be unavailable for work the last weeks of Aug. to the middle of Oct. '08). Anyway, after I ride there, I'm planning to head on down to Nehalem OR (My parents spend their summers there.). So I'll be retracing part of your route. I look forward to discussing it with you when I get to OP.
Here's to good tires, Mr. Tuffy's, and extra tape over the spoke ends.


hi van...it took me almost as long to see your reply...the place is filling up so fast!

man, it's gonna be fun to share long-distance experience...i was a bit worried before starting out, but now i'm hooked...

matter of fact, i have a "secret" project in the works that entails a 400-600 mile roundtrip circuit of the washington coast and bay areas...hopefully to be done during the second half of september...more on that as the deal comes together 8)