October 19th Socal Motor Bicycle Racing RESULTS & PHOTOs

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    Fantastic race on Saturday October 19 2013 at Grange Motor Circuit.

    The full official race results will be posted here tomorrow.

    Here is the group photo shot taken at the end of the lunch hour track cruise.


    pit bikes 003.jpg

    pit bikes 001.jpg

    pit bikes 004.jpg

    pit bikes 002.jpg

    pit bikes 009.jpg
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    Here is the original of the group shot line up.

    We will be seeing some video from the Phantom operated and sold
    by KW Machine that you see in the Pic.

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    Video footage links

    Video footage from the SoCal Motor Bicycle Racing races at Grangé Motor Circuit:

    nashmoto Intermediate 49cc - 66cc Final helmet cam video is up, enjoy!

    Lot's of good footage following the leaders and then ...

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    More Videos Posted by racers ...

    Still more video clips of race action.
    Check out his other Heat races clips from the same day (right column on YouTube)

    Midrange final first start: http://youtu.be/qCFN4Xpc0JM
    intermediate final: http://youtu.be/1cGH6u4yXYU
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    Mainly posting from my phone so its a pain to type too much and really busy getting a new
    motorized bike business up and running along with other life stuff.

    Amateur class winner was #40 Ryan Burkman who won the Silver State Cycles board tracker frame and tank and the 1st billet side cover trophy.

    2nd place #104 Darryl won the spring loaded chain tensioner from our sponsor turbobuick1 who is a member here and sells them in Swap & Shop and on eBay.

    Intermediate class winner was # 88 Jimmy Rust on the Arrow beater practice bike! Jimmy won a 1st SMBR billet side cover too and a billet high performance head from CR Machine.

    Midrange class was won by #98 nashmoto who win a cool Joker Machine black anodized engraved trophy and I don't remember if he got the Manic Mechanic sprocket adapter but I think #59 headtrama who came in 2nd won that?
    Thank you George for being the "official SMBR racing sprocket adapter"

    The 99 CC HF class was won by #3 scotto who got a Joker Machine trophy to add to his collection and a new 99 CC manifold from our 4 stroke sponsor Affordable Go Karts.

    The Unlimited class was won by Jeff Fitzgerald on the 200 CC Arrow Motorized Cycles bike winning a Joker Machine billet trophy.

    The 11 HP class raced at the same time was won by nashmoto on his GC 160 Honda Midrange bike winning him another Joker Machine trophy.

    The Unlimited class races mopeds or nopeds too which was won overall by:
    #174 Christophe 1st and
    Ryan the dyno man #191 2nd both on Tomahawk Mopeds with
    #87 Jeff 3rd overall on the 200 CC Arrow. Motorized Cycles bicycle.
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    We have a few thousand really great pics from the Oct 19th race.





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    Still more video clips of race action.
    Check out his other Heat races clips from the same day (right column on YouTube)


    Midrange final first start:

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    Intermediate Final:

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    Socal Motor Bicycle Racing:
    October 19th 2013 Grange Motor Circuit 10 Lap Race Results:

    Amateur 48cc - 69cc aka "80" China Girl

    1st #40 Ryan Burkman Billet 1st Cover.[ Silver State Cycles board track frame & tank + custom engine mount. ]
    2nd #104 Darryl Gent [ CR Machine, Fred billet head. ]
    3rd #831 Sean McKenzie [ Spring Loaded Engine Mounted Chain Tensioner by member turbobuick1 ]
    4th #808 Dan Kelton Stainless brake adapter from VENICE MOTOR BIKES
    5th #909 Jeremy Taylor Stainless brake adapter from VENICE MOTOR BIKES
    6th #60 Ken Warren KW MACHINE INC

    Intermediate 48cc - 69cc aka "80" China Girl

    1st #88 Jimmy Rust ARROW MOTORIZED CYCLES.Billet 1st Cover.
    2nd #75 Kevin PISTON BIKES [ CR Machine Inc, Fred billet head.]
    3rd #59 Andy - headtrama VMB T-Shirt
    4th #68 Norm VENICE MOTOR BIKES SoCal Motor Bicycle Racing T-Shirt
    5th #96 Sophorn MOPED
    6th #150 Brandon
    7th #707 Gerrit
    8th #310 Jake Busey TheJakeBike.com
    9th #89 Matthew Fitzgerald ARROW MOTORIZED CYCLES
    10th #108 Ike

    Midrange + 99cc HF + eBikes + Mopeds

    1st #98 Brian Nash - nashmoto JOKER MACHINE Billet Trophy
    2nd #59 Andy - headtrama [ MANIC MECHANIC Sprocket Adapter.]
    3rd #88 Jimmy Rust ARROW MOTORIZED CYCLES SoCal Motor Bicycle Racing T-Shirt
    4th #1369 Ryan MOPED
    5th #3 Scotto
    6th #82 Blayze AFFORDABLE GO KARTS SoCal Motor Bicycle Racing T-Shirt

    7th #17 Roland BIG BOY CYCLES
    8th #12 Dale - msrfan
    9th #51 Sergio MOPED

    10th magrider? DNF ???????????????????
    11th Jeff - culvercityclassic ?????????????????????????

    99cc / 79cc HF

    1st #3 Scotto JOKER MACHINE Billet Trophy AffordableGoKarts.com 99cc Intake and Carb
    2nd #82 Blayze AFFORDABLE GO KARTS SoCal Motor Bicycle Racing T-Shirt
    3rd #6 Jeff - CCC WOLF CUSTOM CLASSICS AffordableGoKarts.com Air Cleaner.

    11 hp + UNLIMITED CLASS + Fast Mopeds

    #174 Chris NOPED 1st
    #191 Ryan NOPED 2nd
    1st #87 Jeff Fitzgerald ARROW MOTORIZED CYCLES JOKER MACHINE Billet Trophy
    2nd #3 Scotto
    3rd #80 Blayze AFFORDABLE GO KARTS
    4th #98 Brian - nashmoto 1st 11 HP Class JOKER MACHINE Billet Trophy
    5th #81 Shane AFFORDABLE GO KARTS
    6th #8 Steve - magrider 2nd 11 HP VMB T Shirt
    7th #300 Jack MOPED
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    Scoot TV Mikes video of the Oct 19th race from a Moped point of view! :)

    Great video!

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