Off Road Bike Builds

I see a lot of sweet cruisers around the forum and I figured it would be cool if we had a thread for bikes with some heightened off road capability (If anyone besides me has built one). I love riding on canal roads and in the desert with my bike and wanted to see what some of you guys have built.

I'll start with mine,

My friend and I built this one, it's a 1984 Schwinn Impact (chromoly steel frame) which was a mountain bike back in the day. This was back when Schwinn had just stopped making bikes in the US. Anyways, I installed a 50cc I bought off amazon that with regular maintenance, has served me well so far. Since then, I have installed some modifications to make it better suited for trail riding, including a kind of expansion chamber, 50 tooth rear sprocket, CNS Carburetor, headlight, and then a fork swap. The fork is actually pretty sick, the original bike came with a rigid chromoly steel fork and I figured that if I wanted to go off road I'd better get some suspension. I wanted it to be period appropriate, so I bought a 1994 Rock Shox Mag 21. With 46mm of travel (and I think mine might have the Long Travel conversion so 63mm?) it was a top of the line air sprung fork back in the 90s. I had to the cut the head tub on the frame a little but other than that the fork fit perfectly and in my option it looks insane, especially with the knobby tires and the mud fender.
All in all, its a pretty sweet little trail bike and it rips off road (as long as there isn't any hills haha).

Here are photos...


We used to try that in gravel pits. At least it didn't trash the bike so bad but the grit in the chain wasn't good.
The best place to try crazy stuff was giant sawdust piles at an old saw mill site we used to play in. Nice and soft and no grit.