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Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by blue 48, Oct 23, 2011.

  1. blue 48

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    ok so today i went on a little ride and wound up at a track that had been torn thru some bushland. it goes for miles and its AWSOME!! :tt1:but realised a few things that i wasnt happy about.

    1. punctures lots of em
    2.needs lower gearing
    3.not suitable for my daily ride

    so for all intensive purposes i need a bike that i use on track only. with the exception of a 2km ride to get there

    and some tires that are up for it and wont go flat on the first corner SLIME????. i have a 44tooth on it now is there anything bigger. my rims handle it fine and if i break em i got lots, so any ideas will be great

    thanks MIKE :cool:

  2. jaguar

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  3. blue 48

    blue 48 Member

    yeah i thought about it and the gearing is my issue. its a good little motor RSE 48cc goes hard as it is, plus only thing i want to upgade is the exhaust later.
  4. motorpsycho

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    the saying is actually "for all intents and purposes" .
    you need to get a 56 - 60 tooth rear sprocket for low end torque.
  5. blue 48

    blue 48 Member

    thanks motorpsyco for the correction:bowdown: it makes sense now.
    the 60 tooth sounds great this track is NUTS and low gearing is whats needed here:devilish: put slime in the tires today and not one flat when i got home this afternoon:sweatdrop:
  6. Joeeastman

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    Hey blue48, im running a 66cc and I take it out the trails with hills, jumps and sometimes mud. I run the 44t on mine but since your running the 48cc, I believe a 56t would be your best bet for the ride there and the trails, the trails are so fun with these bikes, night time in the woods...even better!
  7. blue 48

    blue 48 Member

    ur right there the project is on the back burner ATM due to the darn thing dying so is being used for parts for the other one