off setting(moving out) small chain sprocket on motor about 1/4'' to clear large tire

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by chain, Jul 17, 2015.

  1. chain

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    Has anyone moved the small chain sprocket (Clutch Gear Drive Sprocket behind the chain wheel cover )out about 1/4''to help clear a larger tire and a custom motor mount that the chain is rubbing against ???
    Clutch Gear Drive Sprocket

  2. crassius

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    I've gotten about 1/16 by cutting a small slot for the key in a washer to stack behind the sprocket

    maybe more could be gotten by removing the lock washer under the nut and moving out more, but I wanted to get the nut fully threaded on - and how much grab the sprocket has on the key is important too
  3. Waxxumus

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    no. You need to take a ******* (a file) and file down the spot where the chain is rubbing the engine or chain wheel cover.
    Just dont file your engine much. Dont want any structural integrity issues.
  4. chain

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    Hey thanks thats kinad what I was thinking Not sure if 1/16 will be enough though . Just not sure if I can put a spacer behind gear . Haven't takin it apart yet so just wanted to know if anyone has done this .
  5. chain

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    Hey Yea a file wont work to good on a tire ha .