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Discussion in 'General Questions' started by bilboby, Jul 1, 2010.

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    I've a daft question for which i couldn't find a suitable title but anyway here it goes:

    As some of the MBer's will know from this forum i recently got hold of a cheapo made rear friction drive engine from BGF. However after just a few hours riding and shutting down the 49cc engine using the cut off switch the next day when i tried pull starting, the ****ed beast wouldn't fire:annoyed: On checking around i noticed the SP tip was covered in black type oil and also the outer casing of the mini exhaust pipe. On replacing the SP with a similar type i still got no joy so thus set about dismantling the engine box. The inside of the piston chamber looked fairly clean and also the piston + rings too but still the blasted engine won't fire up. Friends have told me that it's more like'ly the fact i've not used the correct oil/gas mix hence the black oil but as i know nothing about engines i won't say they are right nor wrong?

    Would a replacement Chinese loncin 49cc i have spare be viable?

    Cheers for any help
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  2. Whizzerd

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    Check for spark. Remove plug. reattach plug wire. Touch threads to head fin. Pull starter rope. You should see sparks arcing across electrodes. If you don't, unhook kill switch. Try spark check again. Make sure plug threads are grounded to head fins while pulling starter. If you now have spark, you've got a bad kill switch. Those are actually a decent engine.
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    +1 on checking the kill switch. Just about every switch I have seen with theses kits are JUNK !
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    My killswitch got wet in the rain and the engine wouldn't start until I disconnected it.:detective:
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    Did you get the problem resolved ? If so, what was the culprit ?