offset motor mounts for 24 x 3 rear tire

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  1. Hello! Im trying to motoriz a bicycle I put a 24 x 3 rear tire with a coaster brake on. Mounted the motor temporarily to check chain alignment ,Not good. Im using a sick bike parts front mount. Ive seen the offset mounts for the felt bikes but dont want to spend 130 bucks. Anybody got any ideas on making the offset mounts? Ive got a welder just not sure what to make or what to use. Ive read some problem solvers with the rear tire/chain issues in the forums but havent seen anything on the mounts for a normal cruiser frame using a 3 inch tire. Need to take a breather and try to think,Its a hobby ive got to keep telling myself its a hobby. Thanks

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    I ride a Felt Hot Wheels and bought the 3/8" offset mounts from Bad news was the left pedal fails to clear the motor so I went with the sickbikeparts mount and 2.5" Hookworm Maaxis tires. I could have saved myself a lot of money by not ordering the ampt mounts. I'll keep 'em though in case I change out my pedals.
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  4. Thanks for the replies. Hey Al the thread you gave a shortcut too i might be able to make a mount with flat steel and maybe put muffler clamps to attach to the tubes. We will see when i get time...Thanks all.
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    Rode my bike last Friday morning going home from work down a pot-hole covered street, snapping the sick bike parts mounts in half so now I need to mount my Amptbikes mounts. When I first tried to mount them, I failed to use the provided spacer plate needed to clear the pedals so this time I'll try to get it right because I miss riding to work. Streetcars and buses just seem lame now,lol.