Offset Seat Post?

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Russntustin, Nov 27, 2008.

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    For the life of me, I can't find an offset seat post........the kind that I've seen on older cruisers.
    Like with a 4-5" set back. Anyone know where to find em'? (standard diam. I got a cruiser)

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    Happy Thanksgiving !!!!!

  5. Russntustin

    Russntustin New Member look like ME!

    Happy Thanksgiving to all.
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    Thanks Hotrodlincoln!
    That's the one.....too bad their in Canada. I kept the site....and I'll contiue to look.
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    I wuz searching using the wrong words....
    It's called a "bent seat post (with support)" This is for anyone else maybe doing a similar search. Spooky Tooth sells one on their site. Their's is a nice TALL one too. Thanks again Hotrodlincoln!
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    try searching laid back seat post
  10. Spooky Tooth has them. I have one, but it bent not long after I installed it. I weigh 215, so maybe that's too much butt for the metal.
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    Well, I got one...but the tube diameter is smaller than the original seat post.
    Anyone run into this?
    Dang! Didn't think I would have to mess around shimming this thing!

    The straight post on the left is the original.....About 1/4-3/8" difference.
    Thanks for the help.

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  13. W/ that much difference in dia. there might be some round stock avail. in just the right size. If you "shim" it you'll want to make sure to shim pretty much all that disappears into the frame. You don't want to put all your weight (levered by the bent post) on a small part of your frames seat tube
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    Wow, I lucked out with this seat post........With the end of the original seat post ('rounded' end of straight one) cut off and some light filing from the cut, the new set-back seat post jams right down into the cut one. I'll just cut the tube to length to support the new post. Should be nice and strong.
    Thanks for all that helped with this!
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    bent seat post

    spooky tooth has em
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    Bent seat post

    Heres a joint in Redding Ca. Maybe thats near you...If you click on the picture of the seat post it gives the dimentions in Inches ! Spooky tooth has both the bent and the bent with a support welded in...I think they suggest over 150 pounds to get the post with support...Anyway, heres the link to the place in California called "bicycledesigner"..Good Luck ! posts