Oh bother



My beloved Skyliner is leaving with my son for Birmingham tommorrow, just when I have all the kinks worked out on it. The need for cheap transport for him outweighs my pleasure. I will be ...gasp... bikeless :cry: until I can build another, or find him an affordable scooter.

Who knows what low-lifes he will let ride my baby.

On the plus side, I could start again using a cruiser frame this time. :)
Sorry to hear this, sir, although you are kind to your son.

A cruiser-based motored bike has it's pluses such as it's styling although I do recommend that you thoroughtly test the bike's coaster brake (if it's not a derailleur'd multispeed with handbrakes) on a fast downhill (but only after the addition of a front brake) before you begin the motoriZation thereof.


Coasters have always been reliable in my experience especially when one thinks about the abuses they've been subjected to over the years... my recommendation stems from recently experiencing a bent chainstay and bent seatstay resulting from a "glitchy" coasterbrake... a cheap, "offshore" coaster brake that has ruined my frame. (I"ve since wailed on it with a hammer, a block of wood and some muscle and am again riding it, but only until I get hold of another frameset). But I digress...
get an old schwinn with a bendix coaster brake

there will be no problems at all ya cant kill those
Tell your son to look me up, we'll get up a ride. I like to make the Center Point to downtown run every now and then. Good ride, right down 1st Ave, about 15 miles one way. Early on a Sunday is the best time, traffic you know.
I told him he had to join this forum but who knows, kids :D He goes to UAB and lives in Southside , above five points. You may see him around.
I was just thinking, it must be tough on you down in Baldwin County, with all those hills. Man you live in a bicyclers dream world. In Sept. the wife and I went to Gulf Shores and threw the bikes in the truck. Rode up and down the beach road and though the park several times, sweet cruising all the way.
It was pretty sweet. It was 70 degrees until yesterday. I have done a bit of faux pedaling around Fairhope and the local cops haven't stopped me yet. I bid on a Honda C70 (auction ends Monday). If I get it, I'll give Nick the choice and I might get my bike back. He did call me on the phone, out of the blue, last Monday and thanked me for letting him have it. He's been riding it all over Southside and totally digging it. He says it was way quicker than his housemate's 50cc scooter.

My Skyliner's back, much the worse for wear. That boy of mine is hard on machinery. I'm going to spend the weekend stripping it down and rebuilding it.

And all I had to trade Nick for it was this


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