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    I've ridden motorcycles for a few years now but moved up to NH to go to school a few months ago and left my motorcycle in NJ. I'm a bit of a gear-head but live in an apartment now and don't have room for another vehicle in my parking lot, so I'm building a gas bike in my spare room.

    I've been thinking about putting together a gas bike for a few months but really haven't had the time. Using my one free day of my winter break I found a bike to do this on. While I know most people use cruisers I wanted something a little different so I picked up an old road bike, a huffy aerowind.

    Currently my bike is apart, but it looks like this:
    <img src="http://oldtenspeedgallery.com/blog/wp-content/bikes/owner-submitted-0908/ben-huffy-aerowind-01.jpg">

    I've got some new parts for the bike coming along with an eBay engine kit. I'm looking forward to putting it together and learning stuff from the boards.

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    Welcome! Someguy. Very few are using road bikes.

    One day I was heading for a parked van with the driver inisde. Behind me was a car that would pass just as I would have gotten next to the van.
    Question- will the van guy fling the door open and nail me?
    Will I get hit by the car behind or do I shoot right and go around the van on the grass? I took last option. However, road bikes don't do very well with even the smallest concrete edge or holes in the ground. After the bang of the sidewalk edge I put the road bike away.

    I want the option of diving off road whenever necessary.
    Think about it.
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    Very strong point, thanks for the input. Once I get the bike sorted out, but before I put the motor on it I'll go out and hop some curbs, ya know, for science.

    With the traffic on the roads I travel and having commuted on a mountain bike for a few months I should be alright with a road bike.
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    Welcome to the forum. Just swap your drop handlebars for a set from a mountain bike or cruiser. Nice lookin' road bike.