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  1. Just finished my Mb today... powershopking 80cc kit on a 20 yr. old Giant mountainbike. What INCREDIBLE fun. What scary speed! Definitely going to get a helmet. The kit was complete... the only problem was the clutch cam was missing a roll pin or screw to retain it. Used a ground down nail and some loctite. I need to put some insulation (inner tube?) between the frame and the mounts to reduce vibration. Can not wait for tomorrow so I can add some walmart headlights/foglamps and a Black and Decker jumpstarter (already own the jumpstarter). It took me a day to assemble after gathering the required tools. I did not look at the instructions... I spent the last two weeks waiting on the engine devouring everything in this forum. And the assembly went nice and easy. Definitely loctite everything. I have been layed off since july (just got rehired) and did not replace any of the fastners or studs because of lack of funds. The bike was built entirely with the supplied nuts, bolts, washers and lockwashers. So far, so good. I put 60 miles on it today just cruising around and getting bugs in my teeth because of the ear to ear grin. Thanks, guys for all the help and advice... it made things go smoothly.

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    just check to see that EVERYTHING stays tight!!

    have fun!!
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    Welcome aboard.

    there's not much more to say; you've got your bike, you like it and you have further plans for it.

    You're already one of us.
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    you will eventually buy replacement bolts/nuts....

    As the chinese bolts begin to snap you'll get fed up and replace them all.

    That is what happened to me.
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    congrats on getting your bike on the road...

    I would add that as the machine runs in it will get quicker...

    I have a 32cc piped machine which is good for 35+mph and the best upgrade I ever made to it was fitting kevlar impregnated brake pads... they are alot stronger than the usual rubber ones and you will need much more stopping power than usual with the speed the 80(67.5) engines can make... especially if you fit up a tuned pipe exhaust..

    Glad you are enjoying yourself with it... but I would agree with others who have said check bolts/fixings... that means everywhere on the bike.. wheel bolts, suspension bolts and fixings if fitted.. because the vibration will have an effect... and watch out for cars not realising the speed you are making and pulling out on you... the side of an Audi can hurt..

    Jemma xx
  6. I have to say, this group, this community; is one of the most responsive and welcoming collection of friends i have ever met. I have many hobbies and interests: computers, robotics, sailing (racing big boats and dinghies, catamarans), anything radio control. woodworking; and each of these have their own forums and communities. But none of them have been as informative and welcoming as you guys. THANK YOU!

    I have run half a tank through so far... my rear tire seems to have a slight flat spot in it. Not noticeable at pedal speeds, but annoying at 20 mph. I have mounted a $3.00 tupperware shoe box on the rack to hold my lock and assorted metric wrenches and my normal bicycle tools (pictures soon).

    As soon as my new job starts (money, money money) I will replace the fasteners and studs just as I have learned from this forum. I am a tinkerer/modder anyway, had can not leave well enough alone.