Ohio law

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    Ohio Law

    I am in Ohio and I am currently building a E-bike. I Want to build a China 2 STROKE next. I will either build a Whizzer fifty's cruiser or board track
    knock off, this will depend on which parts my low ball budget allows me to assemble. The first and foremost reason for joining this site is I want to ride these on the street without hassle. This seems like it could be an issue here in the Buckeye State So.. Please feel free to chime in on how to register both electrics and gas. I say there is power in numbers so, if the rules are as vague as they seem to be, then remember they can be molded in our favor. It is easier to have rules created than changed. I know nothing about Ohio law on motorized bicycles, I am building my bikes and riding them it is that simple. I feel that we must address the issue of vague laws and make Ohio a alternative ultra fuel efficient friendly place to ride. No wait, now that we are Republican controlled, A self supporting alternative fuel friendly businesses enterprise place to ride! Any how I cannot say what I want to say next(expressive language). So....... Lets beat our heads together and make what we enjoy a viable and respected hobby/ profession. I feel that we should be able to cruse down the road the same as a BICYCLE,MOPED OR MOTORCYCLE depending where we fall in the legal definition and that we have the chance to influence those definitions, Just my thoughts. Jim
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