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    Hello I'm Tim and I'm from Ohio, where MB's are pretty much illegal.

    With that out of the way, I've come to this conclusion, the money I spend registering a MB ($25/year) and in some light duty insurance ($200/year), I are roughly the savings I could see in gas in about a month or two (I drive a beat up old '93 S-10 blazer). A hassle no doubt, but an overall savings, you betcha.

    Originally I was thinking of a 50cc kit on a cruiser style with a full light rig (gotta be legal) powered by a 12V scooter battery (12 AH), just run turns and brake/tail LED and then run the headlight off the white wire so as to conserve battery (and let me get away with a smaller/lighter battery). It's going to cost around $150ish in lights, relays, switches, and battery but it should be worthwhile, if only to keep from getting hassled by the po-po.

    But, since Ohio is going to make me register my MB like a motorcycle, well I'm going to go for more gusto. I'm going at least for the 70cc kits if not something more than that. I've thought about a pocket bike engine around 110cc but I want a frame mount, so I'm worried about clearances. Definitely want to cruise around 35-40 mph, with a touch more top end for those :shock: cases. The daily commute is around 25 miles one way, which is alot for a MB but with a bigger engine and a beef up of the bike all around, that shouldn't be a problem.

    I'm an engineer by trade and my pops is an old school diesel mechanic. So far I haven't seen anything beyond my scope of ability, but if I get into it, I have the old man to fall back on.

    Mostly just looking for some relief at the pumps and maybe for Ohio to loosen its laws on MB's (ha).

    I love this place so far. There's just a wealth of information here.

    Waiting for my Stimulus check/birthday so I can at least start getting the major components in (you know, like a bike... and a motor).

    Hi everyone.

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    Hi Tim, and welcome to the forum. I have already had the benefit of your wisdom on one post already. Thank you for that. This is a real nice place with lots of nice people. They will help in any way that they can. As always, use the search feature before you ask a question in case it's already been answered. If you don't find anything then fire away. You will find many people willing to help.

    Glad to have you here. Welcome!
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    Welcome to MBc from the Giant Side of Texas!
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    look through the members list, find fellow ohioans, there is strenth in numbers. use the power you have. there are 5 members listed on the bottom this page. motoredbikers unite and kick ***--not moped get it? ride on mitch