Oil and YOU!

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by impression, May 5, 2008.

  1. impression

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    Gday everyone. well as some of you know i've just got my kit and after much trouble got her working. Only problem is after a ride i smell like oil :/

    What can i do to try and minimise this ?

    what brand oil do you guys and Gals use ?

    any other personal tips to minimum smoke or smell in your clothing ?

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  2. aussieboy

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    try wearing gloves and a jacket when you ride it worked for me, but i still get oil stains on my legs need to fix that

    lets roll
  3. I always smell like gas after a ride with MOOP. It's a lot less with Cronus. It's probably because the engine is out of my way.
  4. JemmaUK

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    I am assuming you use a chengine kit... the problem with this and the reason for the oil problem is simple.

    With the short exhaust you will get the fumes straight onto your legs.. which is why you smell of oil.

    I ride a rackmount which is behind the rider therefore no oily smells as the exhaust isnt in the airflow forward of the rider.

    The best solve is either build your own exhaust or look for some of the long exhausts that are available. Basically you will need to have the engine exhaust extended at the minimum to the position of the seat post and preferably to as far aft as possible...

    hope that helps

    Jemma xx
  5. BSA

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    I quite like the smell of two stroke engines myself. Especially when I run with standard Dino oil. You can't beat a bit of blue smoke.
  6. alex

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    You also might want to avoid long periods of stopped and idling, (like when waiting for a light to change) If there's no wind, you're basically sitting in a cloud of two stroke exhaust. Oh, and I use itasca oil.
  7. Jay Walker

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    Drive a four-stroke - it's truly environmentally sensitive.

    A two-stroke is the global warming capacity of 1/10th of a car, with the local pollution factor (i.e. read burning oil particulate) of 25 cars.
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    Is this typicaly a problem with the HT engines? I note from the pics, the exhaust exits somewhere around the bottom bracket.

    Where would I find the afore mentioned longer exhaust?
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    You can find them on e-bay or build your own using old handlebars welded between the flange and muffler, or any 1/2" pipe (fairly strong).
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    I run extra oil just for the smoke, I have to to offset you greenies.