Oil Change For Honda GX35


Joe Cain

just wondering how often i should be changing the oil in my motor?
It depends on how often you ride. I have a motorized bicycle and if I ride it to three times a week I will change it every week. I buy a quart of the four stroke motor oil and I got a old dawn bottle. Only uses like not even half a cup. When I emptied it I used McDonald's soda cup glass whatever you want to call it and it may be 2in on the bottom was oil.


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Aug 11, 2018
I use rotella synthetic 10w-40 works perfect on my 4-stroker

Also i did my first change at the 10 hour mark and since then i been doing it every 50-100 miles(calculated by my speedometer)

have had no problems

during the fall i switch to 10w-30 rotella synthetic
Nov 25, 2019
I would like to know if anybody has added a oil drain plug on the bottom of the Honda GX35 engine. I have a Schwinn trike with one and tilting the whole trike to drain the oil from the fill hole is not practical.

LR Jerry

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Mar 14, 2011
Get a tachometer/hour counter. I change my oil every 25 hours and clean the air filter every 10 hours. You can find the t/hc's on eBay and they're very affordable. They have a single wire that wraps around the spark plug wire.

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