Oil comming out of Carburator

Discussion in '4-Stroke Engines' started by Markrbreadman, May 11, 2011.

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    I have a 4 stroke kit and i have Oil comming out the air intake when the motor is at high RPM. Could this be because i have too much oil in it? the motor tips ahead a bit and i may have it overfull a bit. Anyone ever have this issue?

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    My Huasheng 4-stroke has to be as level as possible otherwise it would suck up too much oil and end up spitting it out either from the intake or exhaust. When I mount it on my goped (slight tilt mount), it smokes and spits oil. When I mount it on a friction mount (level mount), no problems. I think you could have the combination of tipped engine and too much oil.
  3. You don't mention what brand engine you are using, or the size and model#. When asking a question it is always helpful to provide as much relevent information as possible. If we don't know all the facts, we are just guessing. That said, I run Subaru Robin EHO35s and the manual says to use 100ccs of oil. That is excessive and some blows out the crankcase breather into the air cleaner and then drips to the ground. Once I run the engine for awhile after an oil change the engine would stop leaking excess oil. I checked it then and measured 85ccs of oil left in the crankcase. After that I used 85ccs of oil per change and all was well with no leakage/dripping.

    Some engines can be tipped quite far from the verticle, some cannot. Check the owner's manuel for your engine.
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    mmmm, my ol huasheng worked fine at about 25 degrees without spitting anything anywhere...