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    Ok. So the motor is broken in and ran 2 tanks at 32:1. Dropped down to 16:1. Took the bike for a good 15 mile ride over the weekend and after returning there was an amount of oil on the top of the head, opposite of the spark plug and above the exhaust. Everything ran well and had no overheating but the chain did pop off once but my new tensioner should fix that. Just checkking what could cause this. Top of the head is tight, same with the exhaust.

  2. Al.Fisherman

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    Coming out from between the cylinder and head??
    How did you tighten the head down (150-200 INCH pounds)..torque wrench? Sounds like a blown head gasket. Did you mill the head down?
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    I just made sure that the head was secured down with a 1/4 inch rachet. I have an extra gasket that it came with ill try replacing it. would that cause a bog down at little past half throttle?
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    Instead of adding a extra head gasket, two would be prone to leak over 1 gasket (with the extra it will make it easier to start, not as much compression) I would 1. Spray the gasket with copper kote (Auto Zone, Advance or any auto parts store), and mill the head down to insure a flat surface. Using 220 grit sandpaper on a sheet of glass and work by hand, only taking enough off that you can see a shiny gasket surface. As far as bog...adjust the needle in the seat..the clip, inside the carburetor.
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    I was only going to swap the gaskets out and not add a second on top of that. Never thought of the sandpaper and glass idea. Now do I use it on the head or the gasket after I spray it with the copper adhesive? I have the Permatex spray at work so Im gonna use that.
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    Since I dont have a inch pound torq wrench whats a good ball park for a 1/4 rachet?
  7. Al.Fisherman

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    Use the spray on both sides of the head gasket..I do it twice. I true both the cylinder and head, then put the coated gaskets on.

    150 to 200 inch pounds. Joking aside, what pull I have with my arms will differ then yours..that's why we have torque wrenches. My my 33 yo son's arms cant match these 64 yo arms. Some studs are 8mm (150-200 inch pounds) and some are 6mm (60-75 inch pounds).
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    ok, no one has mentioned his gas-oil ratios that he mentioned.
    he said that he started out (break in) with 32:1 and then dropped down to 16:1.
    16:1 has more oil in it that 32:1 and it's quite possible that the extra oil from the 16:1 mix is leaking out around the spark plug. The little gasket/washer on the spark plug is only meant to be used one time because they crush once you tighten the plug and seal themselves against the cylinder.
    If he's pulled the plug out and used the same gasket/washer, it's quite possible that it's not sealing well enough and letting the extra oil from the 16:1 leak out.
    The 16:1 gas oil ratio COULD cause it to bog because that is a very oil-rich mixture.

    Unless he typed that info wrong (started with 32:1 and dropped to 16:1) and he meant to type that he started with 16:1 and dropped down to 32:1.
    The higher the first number, the less oil is in the mix.
    16:1 has a lot of oil, 20:1 has less oil, 32:1 has even less oil and 50:1 has even less oil than that.
    If there is oil leaking out from between the head and cylinder right where the gasket is, i would suspect that the head gasket is leaking.
    If the oil is on top of the head (which is what he stated) then i would suspect that it's leaking out from around the spark plug.
    A blown head gasket will generally show oil leaking between the head and cylinder and down the side of the cylinder and not up on top of the head itself.
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  9. Dice1

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    Yea I typed the mix back wards. I gotta check it all when I get home. Have an extra plug so I will swap that and and the gaskets out(top o the cylinder, exhaust, and intake) then I will go from there.
  10. Dice1

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    After a nice ride to work I found that the Exhaust Gasket had blown out the bottom side of the port. So that is where the oil came from. This should also help with the bogging issue I was Having.
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    oily enough for ya?

    most reliable ive had at over 3000km and not one wash:D
  12. BAM

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    WOW! though mine was bad never wash mine 1700 miles and still going. Did have a spark plug leak changed to ngk good luck.
  13. Dice1

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    Well I never got that bad. A little engine foam and she is clean again. Now the problem is that the drive sprocket on the motor keeps coming loose but I didn't have time to look at it. I think its the pin that hold it all in one place but not sure.
  14. HeadSmess

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    still even the original plug! :D though lately i think my jet needs to be a lil bit smaller...

    anyways...drive sprocket coming loose? wtf? um....

    hmmm. thinking.... lots of loctites about all i can think of.

    did you pull it off at any point? they have a key, and...i dont see how they can undo their own thread...maybe on the coast/compression braking, yes...but...iunno!

    loctite! araldite! glue!

    never had one come loose. the exact opposite... never been able to get one loose! :jester: