Oil Flow Rate

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What is the oil flow rate for Deep Water Horizon

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  1. 15,000 Barrels a day?

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  2. 20,000 Barrels a day? "Note they sucked up 15,040 in 24 hour span"

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  3. 50,000 Barrels a day?

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  4. 150,000 Barrels a day?

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  5. 250,000 Barrels a day? We are doomed!

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  1. lucas

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    I figure that it is approx. 150,000 barrels a day.
    I may be low with my guestimation, but I hope that it is actually less.
  3. lucas

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    We know this is extremely toxic- That's a given. BP doesn't WANT to PLUG it up! They purposely failed the TOP KILL- Why? Because they still want that oil and there is a moratorium on drilling now. This is one of thier BEST! Why kill it? $$$$ is why.

    BP should be spending 20+ times the amount of effort to CLEAN the oil AS it leaks... Someone in Houston offered some SUPER-TANKERS to help? They were told off and threatened to be sued?

    The Arabs? UAE? Willing to send 30 TOP experts / equipment / money? They are WAITING on the "WORD"? Is America THAT proud? Are we HYPOCRITES?

    Yes, this is SO much worse than what is being let on for the fear of total panic and chaos. Think about if a hurricane did come through- ANYWHERE along the Gulf Coast. With it being strong enough to spew this oil ALL over... Homes, trees, plants, animals, etc... But? Has anyone even thought about the consequences of it even being on our roads, interstates and highways? NO help could get to ANYONE. Thousands will die. if you MAY think that is "exaggerating"? Think of THIS scenario: KATRINA + OIL? NO help CAN come. The FLOODING? People will be like the pelicans and other sea birds. A human trying to survive something THAT toxic? And for HOW LONG? ALL vegetation will be killed, water supplies will be extremely toxic, many people will die JUST from the HEALTH issues that this oil is already causing.

    We WILL be stuck - NO WAY OUT - AND? No way anyone can come in.... There is NOT enough "kitty litter" to soak it up either! All you have to do is REALLY think about EVERY "CAUSE AND EFFECT"....

    The United States will NEVER be the same again... and perhaps the United States as a whole. will never be the same.

    Heads up people... This isn't Alaska... This is where we have HURRICANES... If we just THINK that this is a disaster now?...

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