Oil in Exhaust

Whizzer 58

Local time
7:51 PM
Jan 26, 2008
Howell, Mi.
Hi, I just got back from an 8 mile ride and I noticed some oil in the exhaust, is this the beginning of a big problem?
Before the ride I checked the bike over and did not notice oil before, the oil was changed 20 miles ago (8oz.) .
The bike has 188 miles on it so I'm still braking it in, I change the oil every 50 miles and it runs great with a good idle. It's a WC-1 engine, the year is '00.....................Ed
Are you using 40wt oil? And how much oil is in the exhaust? The fact you are still breaking this engine in I would not worry too much about it unless it is a lot of oil. Hopefully Bill Green or MotorbikeMike will check in on this. Quenton will not be back until the 27th.

Yes, I'm using 40wt oil and the oil is not a lot it's more like a film of oil on the bottom part of the exhaust pipe................Ed
Hi Whizzer 58,
I wouldn't spend too much time worring about oil in the exhaust pipe as I would locating a new NE cylinder or NE cylinder kit. In the past I offered used or new NE cylinders to help everyone upgrade their WC-1 motor to the "rock solid NE" motor, but I think your only way to upgrade now is the complete NE cylinder kit [$395.00].
At the Whizzer show in Dawson Springs, KY only ONE Whizzer was still using a stock WC-1 motor [and he purchased a NE cylinder, NE head, and copper head gasket from me], and there were a large number of Whizzers at the show. Many Whizzer owners sat around the camp fire and discussed how many miles their WC-1 motors ran before the valve seats became loose. The final outcome was approx. 400 miles if the motor was modified, and one owner bragged over 1000 miles before he switched to the NE cylinder kit, but he usually rode at 20 to 25 MPH. I think this means if you use the Whizzer [WC-1] as designed it should last a long time, but if you extract more power, plan on a short motor life.
Whizzer OuterBanks,