Oil leaks on new Whizzer

Dannt D

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Aug 5, 2008
MY new 07 Ne5 has 125 miles on it and leaks oil bad. It looks like it is comming from under the cylinder or from where the crank case splits. I did the o-ring on the cam trick and it helped but I still get a lot of oil on the floor. I changed the oil with Mobil One Synthetic at 100 mi. The oil was low when I did the change, just below the cross hatched area on the stick. The botom of the engine and frame is wet with oil. Is this a common problem or did I just get a bad one?
Hi Dannt D,
It is important that you drain the Mobil One right away! Do not use synt. oil for the first 500 miles. I don't use synt oil at all in a Whizzer because it only cost more is thinner, and didn't make any difference on the Dyno runs, and if it helped the gas mileage, I can't find the difference. Because the new Whizzer is a basic copy of the vintage motor using the "splash" oil system, synt. oil "foams" or collects "air bubbles" when beat with the rod "dasher". I was told syth. oil doesn't do what I just described, but my tests show when you drain the synt. from a hot motor it has a foamy texture, and about 1/2 hour later the drained oil looks normal [just dirty], whereas when you drain 40 weight from a hot motor it just looks a dark color [dirty]. I can tell you for sure your rings will not seat, and the piston will not mate with the cylinder if you use synt. oil.

Use straight 40 weight oil, I use Shell brand in all my motors, and have had great results. I have motors with over 6000 miles on them and when I look inside they look new.

If you are losing oil from the center crankcase gasket, contact your dealer to have the gasket replaced. If you don't have a local dealer, just obtain the needed gaskets from any authorized Whizzer dealer on this site [Bill Green, Dallas Maddox, Mike Simpson, Whizzer OuterBanks], and I will gladly supply the needed information to change the gasket.
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