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    I have a 2001 Whizzer Motor bike and when I ride the 14 miles to work it runs great but on my return trip home the valves always become sticky and it stops running. I was instructed to drill out the guides so I did before realizing that it was an oil issue that was causing the sticky valves. It seems that on my way to work I'm losing enough oil so that the valves are not properly lubricated. I'm using non detergent oil as recommended but it still is forcing too much oil out of the crankcase vent. I tried zip tying the overflow tube to the seat post tube and that just causes oil to leak from other places. Does anyone have a fix for the vent tube leak?

    Thanks in advance

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    Hi Loudermilk,

    I just returned from the show in Dawson Springs, KY and none of my Whizzers lost a single drop of oil. My 1999 traveled over 75 miles total and about half of the mileage was climbing steep hills at speeds above 40 MPH. My NE powered 1950 Sportsman managed to reach 7640 RPMs on the dirt drag races and produced 6965 RPMs on the "Roller Road".

    If the crankcase is vented correctly, the oil will stay inside the motor waiting for the next scheduled oil change.

    Have fun,

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