Oil level for Ryobi 31cc

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Nicad, Feb 19, 2015.

  1. Nicad

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    Getting ready to mount my 4 cycle weed wacker to my bike and noticed that the angle it will sit at is not the same as the angle you would use a weed wacker at, therefore the oiling system might be compromised a bit. It states not to overfill on the crank, but has anyone experimented with oil level on these to find the optimum amount? the Ryobi motor looks very similar to the Robin-Subaru EH035

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  2. darwin

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    Are you sure that's a 4 stroke? A lot of Ryobi's are 2 stroke. If it is 4 stroke like a RS 35cc it can only be used in an upright position. What's strange is that most weed eaters are used in various positions and need to be 2 stroke or like a Honda 35cc that can run in any position. What does Ryobi have to say about that model?
  3. Nicad

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    Yes it is a 4 stroke. The angle I can mount it at is level, but it would be at about 45 degrees if it was being used as a weed wacker. I'd imagine Ryobi has no information for using this powerlant for anything but it's intended purpose. I do see quite a few being used as bike power plants, etc on youtube.

    Thanks for the reply.