Oil Lite [Grubee 4G] bushing lube technique

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by recumbentbill, Aug 16, 2010.

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  1. This info is for owners of the Grubee 4G trans for the honda clone engine. The oil lite bushing that comes with this trans needs this procedure. I thought just soaking the bushing in oil over night would do the trick [it didn't]. After googling oil lite bushings I came across this procedure on the Max Tourqe clutch site. Sounds like its what I will do to my bushing. check out the link below

    PS Just a thought here. Im really not sure if the bushing is a oil lite or just a plain old bronze bushing. It looks like a oil lite and since Don grubee said to soak the bushing over night leads me to think this bushing is a oil lite bushing that needs the above link procedure

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    Very cool! Thank you recumbentbill!
    I knew about soaking them in hot oil, but the paraffin wax part is new to me.
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    Hmm, sounds like a good idea.....I found some chain oil that is described as having a wax lubricant. It looks like paraffin after the carrier evaporates. I like it so far....chain and sprocket wear is cut in half, and it doesn't attract abrasive contaminants as much as oil.
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    Maxima chain wax. It's good stuff. I've sold plenty of it to Harley owners and Metric owners with blinged out bikes. It does not fling off and make a mess of the pretty chromed wheels and $8K paint jobs if left to set up properly.
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