oil mix one does all?

If you change the ratio on the oil, you're changing the carburation on your bike. Take care when you change the ratio, you could make your motor run lean... Running lean causes holes in pistons, motors to run hot, and idle hard to maintain.
Some people seem to think the more oil in the fuel the longer it will last. But if you run too much oil it can actually hurt your engine, since there would be less gas it could run lean ( and everybody know what happens then), i learned this in my small gas engine class.
The HT manuals all call for 20-25:1. They typically run pretty rich anyway and the small amount of oil in the fuel does not effect the mixture ratio substantially enough to make a difference.

One half the volume of most two stroke oils are in a light aromatic carrier that does burn. Every wonder how Amsoil 100:1 can be run safely 100:1 in other two stroke engines? Easy, it has less of those base aromatic carriers than other oils meaning you get actually more lubricating oil per ounce than other brands.

Regardless, there is only one oil (actually 2) that I recommend be run at 50:1 and that is Maxima 927 or Klotz supertechniplate. Regardless of what any oil vendor says, synthetic does not provider superior lubrication in high temperature high pressure two stroke engine application. A synthetic blend containing castor does but with the minor drawback of increased engine deposits. ZERO wrist pin bushing failures on my engines and my customer engines who have followed my advice. Two wrist pin failures leading to engine damage in customers who used pure synthetic at higher ratios than recommended.
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Here is and ratio calculator http://www.csgnetwork.com/oilfuelcalc.html
Just a thought on cost of fuel 2-stroke vs. 4-stroke.
Todays price $3.29 gallon
Total w/2-stroke@25:1 2.5oz bottle@ $1.50 x 2 = $3. + $3.29 = $6.29 gallon
Total w/4-stroke = $3.29
Lets say we are getting 100mpg at 1,000 miles the 2-stroke has cost $30 more than the 4-stroke at 10,000 $300 more if your 2-stroke makes it to 100,000 Thats $3,000 more than a 4-stroke.