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  1. Dudes,why do people say, don't use regular,synthetic oil ,5/30 ,in mix with fuel,Ive Ben using regular oil in two strokes for 45 years,never had a problem. Thanks, K.

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    Because two stroke oil is meant to be mixed with fuel, and has the proper additive package that leaves minimal deposits when burned with the fuel. Using regular motor oil will foul plugs quicker, and leave more combustion deposits causing rings to stick leading to compression loss. Regular motor oil also smokes a lot more than the proper 2 stroke blend.

    The label on my old Lawn Boy mower (1977) says that you can use 30W motor oil at a 16:1 mixture, but highly recommends the proper two stroke oil mixed at 32:1. My newer (2005) Lawn Boy does not say regular motor oil is OK.

    If you like synthetics, there are many good synthetic two stroke oils.

    If you want to use your 5W-30, then go right ahead since you've been doing it for longer than I have been alive. Me, I'll use an oil optimized for the application.
  3. Dude, thanks for the info, you run these motors,this is my first try, I hope you don't mind if I pick your brain. I'm going to take your advice,do you know of any 2/stroke,oil that has a additive,like slick ,50,you know what I mean,something that will,bond to the walls of cylinder,less friction and burn clean,I,m no good with web pages,searching,I did not grow up with this stuff,I haven't even started my motor yet,gets more involved,than I thought, safety- STRONG AS BULL BUILD,cost me more than I expected,and not done spending yet,I'm retired- NOT BY CHOICE- don't like to say disabled,bums me out,have fused spine,won't get into details,I'm not a man that just gives up trying,I guess the military put that in me.-NO PAIN NO GAIN-I don't have alot of money, thought this bike would save me money,live in small town,in AR.going to the store and so-forth,not having to use my truck,that -350- with a 670/cfm,holly,4-barrel,can suck up some gas,It's a classic,1975 c/10/pick up,I have Ben working on it for 20,years. I don't heal as quick as I used to,I have read about some bad things that have happened to people that have not built a solid bike .have clamshell on order from -manic mechanic-He goes by specks,I miked the hub. I bought 80/cc. slant black from powerking,putting it on a schwinn,beach cruiser,coaster brake,I thought it would put me in a better position,for riding,more stright up,what is your view on this set up.looking for some solid engine mounts,-manic has a prototype,looked at it on his web page,says will be coming out with it in a week or so,man these look as solid as a rock,beautiful work,in pics only,have not received clamshell yet,he says he does his own -cnc-work,if interested I will contact you when it comes in,I could really use some help for this build,are you interested in keeping in touch with me,have you alot of experience with builds.I go through some of the pages on the forum,but some of the short cuts on spelling I don't understand,your a little older than most,on forum- like me-I think we could communicate,well together,please,reply to me -YES-NO- be cool- K .man.
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