Oil mixture

Update, I got the new plug installed, I rejetted the carburetor, and I'm using ethanol-free fuel now. I checked the spark plug after running it and it's in the best as shown in your chart. Everything is good now thanks for all your help
Good job. It can be hard to figure out what jet you need.
The oil I am using is full synthetic and comes in a small package that is two and a half ounces. It says it is 50 to 1 to 1 gallon. The spark plug when I pull it is covered with black soot. Should I use less of this oil?
I use Lucas semi synthetic at 32 to 1 cause I run an iron bore motor. If it is an aluminum block I would use 40 to 1 . But 32 to 1 is safest so 4 Oz of oil to 1 gallon of gas.