Fuel Mixture Oil Oil Oil....what kind of oil do you yous?

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  1. My engine is the 2 stroke Zenoah G43-L 41.5cc (GSR40 engine)

    I read these babies can rev pretty high. Just a high revving engine overall..

    I am torn between Klotz Super Techniplate 40:1 or Amsoil same ratio....

    A asked a buddy what he runs his china (HT) engine with and he responded:
    "Opti-2 100:1"

    Maybe certain oils work better with different RPM's?

    Hmmmn decisions decisions.......any insight on either of deez oils?

  2. geebt48cc

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    I use AMSOIL DOMINATOR..............After 200 miles, use mixed 32:1
  3. oliverw123

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    I use stihl 50:1 two-stroke oil and never had a problem, runs extremely clean without smoke.
  4. madcroc

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    Right now I'm using whatever fully synthetic oil is cheapest at 32:1. Going to pick up some Arnold's 50:1 at sears. I did just order some sample packets from US2OIL (same stuff as opti-2) for $1.79 a piece - going to give a 75:1 mix a shot! :eek:

    edit: Here's the the link to US2OIL. I couldn't find Opti-2 anywhere near me and they had the cheapest single packets I could find. One packet is one gallon @ 75:1

    Double edit!! You can get 6 3.2oz bottles of Spectrum oil at sears for $3.29. Looks like the deal ends today! http://www.sears.com/shc/s/p_10153_12605_07136552000P?prdNo=1&blockNo=1&blockType=G1
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  5. lowracer

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    I'm running Yamalube 2R in both my Stage 2 pocketBike engines (Cag) @ 32:1
    High Rpm's & no problems (10K+)
  6. motorpsycho

    motorpsycho Active Member

    I use whatever 2 stroke oil that i happen to buy. right now i am using a full synthetic oil made by Gumout.
  7. When I was running my GZ23N14 "Geo or Strato" 25.4cc engine from Zenoah I was using Redmax syntheic 50:1.

    I never had any problems with it for many years, the engine was ported and polished with a Hipo carb and exhaust.

    I did seize the engine when I took a steep grade hill (downhill) about 44.7MPH..

    I think the engine over reved and that brought me to the suggestion that certain oils may protect better against higher revving, hotter engines.

    I would also think that since Redmax is Zenoah that the Redmax oil would do just fine, but may need to be mixed at 40:1 as per the G43's spec recommendations.
  8. sparky

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    Next time I hop on a 2-stroke, I will likely run the cheapest oil I can find at 16:1 for break-in and 25:1 thereafter.
  9. darwin

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    I use 5w30w synthetic blend and buy what evers on sale when I need it. As long as its a quality known brand.
  10. 5-7HEAVEN

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    I use Castrol 2T motorcycle oil @ the recommended 50:1 mix in my Tanaka 47R.
  11. Skyliner70cc

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    Bean oil which has saved me engine when running head temps in the mid to high 300 deg temp range.
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