Oil price bubble bursts

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    according to,

    So the truth finally came out in the wash, the price hike was pure speculation and not demand.
    In the big picture of things, maybe the entire oil hike and all others orchestrated something, along the lines of "colusion-fraud-deception"
    Collude a plan, it's a Fraudulant plan the only motive is profit-greed-control etc, then Deception
    OK, but why ?
    Forget the greed and emotional factors for a while cos there has been serious think-tanks going on to orchestrate these things.

    Collusion-Fraud-Deception = Mastermind/s (or forum sh|t stirrers )
    It ocurs daily from the street survivor to vote winning board rooms in business and "other" public or private places including courts and in some cases uinfortunately,family courts.
    Ok, back to Oil..,
    So the bubble has burst and during this cycle it seemed to re-emerged alternaitves for transportation, hence the MB and this wonderfull forum.
    Now that prices are back to "normal", what's new ?
    We have learnt much, we have learnt there are alternatives and out of the woodwork came these alterrnatives and energy saving ideas and practices.
    We have also learnt we can live without the threat of orchestrated inflated oil prices cos we simply put the guzzlers in the shed, walk, take a bus or build a MB. My "act" was to not own a motor vehicle and be forced to play this stupid game of theirs of oil price down one day and up the other like a yo-yo.
    My car went to scrap metal to pay for the 1st engine kit that gets me at leats 60 Kms. per litre of fuel on 2 wheels.
    From the oil price collusions, I think in the long run, most have gained out of not having to rely exclusively on oil as fuel.
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    I don't agree with some of your statements
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    Whoa dude. Oil is down mainly because of anticipated reduced WORLD demand as it should be....sure the excursion up to $130+ was speculation....collusion? Need some proof.
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    The price of oil has nothing to do with why we should be using less of it. Sure many made gazillions on the latest surge and most of us just got to b!tch about it to whoever would listen. At least it finally woke up a bunch of folks to the fact that a$$, gas and grass nobody rides for free. Check out a book called "Alcohol can be a gas" by David Blume.

    In the end what we all should be doing is learning more about how to take care of our own needs instead of looking for some government entity to take care of us. There are plenty of ways to do this, just open your eyes. Small motors on bikes are just a part of the equation.
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    As oil prices started up, many large fund managers saw an opportunity in oil futures and bought driving the crude price higher. This was a supply demand issue but more in the futures market than at the pump. At it's height, the price of crude was greatly inflated and created much damage to the world economy's as well as record profits for the oil companies. This was a market gone mad but there was no deception, no collusion, just business.

    The market was corrected by natural forces that always act to control cost. The first reaction was a decrease in demand, the second reaction was the future increase in supply. The president lifted the moratorium on offshore drilling and the Congressional moratorium expired in Sept. However, having said this, the oil market has teeth of its own, OPEC is wanting to curtail production to raise the price back up and so the dance continues. Energy cost and availability are a major issue with world economic growth and stability and new sources must be pursued. Ethanol made from food grains is IMO not a very good idea and subsidies for it should be halted.
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    Mountain Rock Alert Warning !!!

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    let's not get our mountain rocks all worked up here...

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    go soon and --


    i do about 50 km a day at least
    250 -260km other day round trip ADELAIDE HILLS

    rest is being sorted PMs
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    I can remember 10 and 15 dollar crude oil. Though that doesn't take general inflation into account, I'm willing to bet that the oil companies didn't make much money at those times.

    Oil company consolidation will give them more opportunity to act in collusion (coordinated supply withholding, for instance). But this only means that they must be watched. It doesn't mean that they are automatically guilty.

    And OPEC has a long history of cheating each other when oil prices are low. Like everyone else, they get used to living high-on-the-hog. And when prices get low they just can't resist pumping "a little" more "just to make ends meet". Though it is possible that they've built bigger nest eggs in the last decade or so and can now stand deflated prices better than in the past. But it probably won't last long. They'll be hungry for those dollars and they'll do whatever it takes to get them.

    I think you're wasting your time blaming the oil companies. Crude oil prices are set at auction. And gasoline prices follow pretty consistently.

    when speculators bid the price of oil up it's because they suspect that it will become more difficult to come by. And they have some good reasons to think so. there are also good reasons for the recent falling price of oil, but they are not likely to be permanent.

    We are giving a lot of money to people who are not friendly to us for the very compelling reason that we MUST have what they've got for sale. this is a very good reason to pursue other sources of energy at almost any cost.
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    I just don't understand what the heck is going on!