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    I got this from the auto parts store for $4.99 and im wondering if this is a good oil to use and if this 6.4oz bottle is ok to one gallon of gas after this break in period and if ok to switch from my old oil brand. I've been using the cheap walmart kind not knowing but it has been working just fine.

    This is the one ive been using. $1.23+tax
    I guess its obvious but thought I would ask anyway
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    Oils are different, but it is still just lubrication. You do have to remember that little engine is cranking near 6,000 rpm's so don't scrimp of quantity or type. I went to a premix from the Home Depot store after the break in period. It is a 92 octane, no alcohol and 40:1 so I add a few extra ounces of good oil to put me in the 30:1 range. It runs great and now have 400 miles on it!
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    I just posted in the top post the old one I've been using which is a cheap walmart oil and im just wondering if its good that I switch. I recently read somewhere that I should use better oil for the sake of the engine so I just want some advice if im doing good by switching from that to this
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    I have used many generic 2 cycle oil brands over the years including Craftsman and Briggs & Stratton. As I said in an earlier post, I now use a pre-mix fuel product from Home Depot, but any of those brands are appropriate to boost the oil ratio. The engine failures always seem to be about engine manufacturing problems not about lubrication! Most people that I have followed on the bike sites emphasize ratios not type of oil. If you remain in doubt, it only cost a few pennies more to buy the more expensive oils!

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    I've always used the Wal-Mart stuff mixed at 32:1 with no problems. The main advantage to using a synthetic is high-temp breakdown. If you pull a lot of big hills, or otherwise load the engine excessively, I could see spending the extra money. I just putt around at 15 mph on fairly flat areas. Lots of people use the high-dollar stuff, but what's the point with a hundred dollar engine? Of more concern to me is using gas with ethanol in it, I think that would be more harmful to a 2-stroke engine in the long run.
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    The best thing you can do for these 2-stroke Chinese bicycle engines is to run them at 25:1
    Don't give any concern as to the "so called" quality of the oil, so long as it has an """air-cooled""" specification.

    I run the cheapest """air-cooled""" 2-stroke oil that i can get my hands on.

    That said, if you are just putt-putting around, you can get away with 50:1 but, if you are regularly running the bike at wide open throttle, you are best advised to use 25:1 oil/fuel ration.
    My experience has shown that there is a significant increase in cylinder bore wear, when running the engine at 35:1 when running the bike at constant periods of wide open throttle at medium rpm of between 3,000 and 4,500 rpm.
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    I buy my 2 stroke oil at dollar general. The engine doesn't know the difference between oils, all it knows is that it's lubricated and happy.
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    Amsoil is the best, will run 100k on one pint, mixes 100 to 1 too................................................................runs and hides.:jester:
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    And with good reason that you should hide!!!
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    The best no nonsence advice that's been given on this topic.
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    Consider this, you will spend hundreds on full synthetic oil over the course of the engines life. To replace the whole engine cost $80 usd. I do use this same craftsman full synthetic. But only because I don't care to have a trail of smoke for the cops to follow.