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Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by jerrett71, Sep 27, 2010.

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    My motor instruction book says first tank use a 18 to 1 then 25 to one i found a mix chart on the net told me to use 7 ounces to 1 gallon ,seems kinda much but it dosent smoke i rode it around for a bit with no problems is this correct i dont want to screw my engine uo its a skyhawk 66cc 2011 thanks all mabye a 1/4 tank has run thought the engine with no problems..:helmet:

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    Depending on what brand of oil you are using, yes 18:1 for the first few tanks (abt 300 miles) then onto 25:1 (5.12 oz). The better the oil the less you need. I'm using Amsoil and run 32:1 Some run 50:1 even 100:1 depending on brand. Mine does just fine, and fuel/oil cost is not a factor with me...it's a toy. Heck I have a 25' boat that gets 2 miles to the gallon.
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    Ive been looking for amsol ,lol I work at home depot and the best we have is an Echo oil lol I thought it was better than home lite brand thank you again I might have to order amsol online Id rather spend money on top shelf oil than replace and engine
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    Amsoil isn't top shelf oil. Maxima 927 which contains a quality synthetic oil blended with a superior Castor Oil is about the best oil you can get.

    Even a couple Amsoil diehards on this forum blend their Amsoil with castor...that's ok to do too.
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    Amsoil is definitely top shelf oil. What does that mean anyway? There is no BEST oil for these crude engines. I recommend Amsoil Dominator. But just like many race oils, it's not for storage as it doesn't contain any rust inhibitors. Aha - see it's always a trade off. Always!

    You really don't need castor oil for these engines, but I do blend some in for the smell.....and perhaps some protection.

    Some guy at the other place runs nothing but really old SAE 30.