Oil Tank



I was looking at my old CZ 175 2-cycle, and my friend's honda spree today.
I got to wondering about the oil tank on these (I had an old yamaha with this as well) ol' beasties.
Has anyone else thought of working out a design, based on these, that would automaticly add oil to the fuel (like on those bikes), thereby removing the need to pre mix your fuel on the chinese engines?
How cool it would be, also, to add that much more of a motorcycle-like custom touch to the chinese engined bikes; perhaps a chromed teardrop oil tank?
Mostly I like the idea of not having to pre mix, just add oil and gas, and go...
Just curious,


I have a 1980's 50cc Honda moped can't remember the name of it right now, but it has oil "injection" too. is it done in the carb? if so, I think you could just install that carb and oil tank on the Chinese engine.


I think it is through the carb (I will look closer into this as this idea really appeals to me), and that would make it easier. But the question would be in regards to the mix ratio from the Honda (or what ever parts bike) to the chinese engine. If it's the same- no biggee; if it's not, how would you calculate the injection bore size to machine the replacement needle, or nozzle, in order to get that ratio correct in the chinese engine?
I'm really not good with math, so it would take me a year or two to get the right answer... :D
The more i think about this the more i'm getting the idea that I want to make it happen for next fall/winter's project (I'm swamped right now with the Whizzer, getting moved, and the music thing- so come fall...)


I think I'd rather just premix so I know that the exact ratio of oil to gas is what I want it to be.


I have have two spree basket cases and one extra parts engine. I have been thinking of running them on premix and getting rid of the oil injection system. One of the sprees was given to me with a siezed engine because the owner ran it out of oil.


psuggmog said:
One of the sprees was given to me with a siezed engine because the owner ran it out of oil.

yeah, i kinda like keeping a gallon of premix ready to go, i'd prolly do the same thing :eek: