Fuel Mixture Oil to Fuel ratio for 18 month old HT engine and leaking gas

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by core2kid, Aug 31, 2011.

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    Title says it all, I have about 18 months, driven around in the summer mostly. Probably has a good 200 miles on the engine. What oil to gas ratio should I be using now?

    Also, the bikes leaking gas. I don't know from where which is the hard part but it collects right below the carb on the V of the engine. Any ideas?

  2. GearNut

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    If using common 2-stroke oil, use 32:1.
    Gas leaking from the carburetor onto the top of the engine is common with these kits.
    The fuel inlet is not exactly gas tight over a long time span, at least not on my 2 bikes.
    It takes months for the stain to develop though.

    If you are experiencing a faster leak, I suggest cleaning everything up and checking it frequently to determine where the leak is coming from. It could be a weeping bowl gasket, a leaking fuel inlet, a float level set too high, leaking petcock and float valve, or a combination of all of the above.

    I don't think you want to do an impersonation of Ghost Rider while riding your bike.
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    sounds like your float may be stuck, causing the extra fuel in the bowl to come out of the overflow.
    with the engine off, turn on the gas and just sit there and watch. Look at the little hose that comes out of the left side of the carb and look for fuel to flow out of it.
    this hose is small and it runs under the float bowl, right on top of the V in the engines under the carb.
    the other possibility is that your float has developed a hole in it, causing it to get fuel inside of it. This will make the float too heavy and it will never rise to the top to close the needle & seat, which will make the float bowl overflow, and fuel will come out of the overflow hose.
    check the little drain screw on the left side of the float bowl because thise have been known to leak as well. Sometimes you have to take the screw out and out teflon tape on it to seal the threads.
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    You didn't say if you were using a fuel filter or not. I've found that the paint around the gas tank cap area tends to chip and flake off. This will plug the jet AND can not let the needle valve seat, causing the bowl to overflow. All it takes is a very little piece of ANYTHING in the carb to do this. after 18 months and 200 miles perhaps it's time to clean yer carb anyway.
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    fuel leaks from every source possible, starting from the cap, to the tank seam, to the tank bolts, to the tap, to the line and fittings, to the needle valve, to the drain screw on the carb bowl.... start at the bottom and work up :)

    200 miles is nothing. the oil ratio isnt anything to really worry over anyway. use good stuff, run at anywhere from 25:1 to 50:1.

    until the conpin clip on one of mine let go, it had done over 5000 with no problems at 50:1... metal fatigue is not inadequate lubrication! :p yet to leave one alone for long enough to see if i can improve on that figure... :)
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    I am using a fuel filter. I find that if I move the bike with the clutch enabled, it tends to leak more. Any ideas? I'm gonna take a look over the weekend for where it may be leaking from. I have a thought that it may be from the shutoff valve in the tank. Is there any teflon tape I can use that works for gasoline?
  7. Big Red

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    Do you have the RED washer that came with the valve? That should be all thats needed. But yes, Any good automotive store carries gas resistent teflon tape. Couldn't hurt.
    Big Red.
    Pulling in the clutch has no effect on the fuel system. The only thing I can think of is if you have a loose clutch lever case. It could collect fuel overflow, and when putting pressure on it, it opens slightly to release what was pooling in the case. But this is just a guess. I can't think of ANY reason pulling in the clutch would have ANY effect on a gas leak.
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    I have removed the clutch cover before so I'll check that. Otherwise I'll try to see where the leak is coming from, I think it's from the shut off valve because I remember putting electrical tape there some time ago and it was soaked, I just remembered that haha.
  9. Big Red

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    Fuel Leak

    Yeah, electrical tape as thread seal? Thats a good one. Sometimes ya just get a bad shutoff valve(petcock) and it leaks at the lever seal. All ya gotta do is run yer finger up the fuel lines and system. Where ever you get your finger wet, closest to the tank, is where your leak is. If your float is set too high, it will come out of the carb. If your fuel lines are not pushed on tight it will leak there. If your petcock is not screwed on tight, or the threads are stripped, it will leak. A fuel leak is not a hard thing to track down. Just take your time and eliminate one thing at a time. Turn off the gas valve, Leave some gas in your line and remove it from the petcock. If you still have a leak then you know it's not the tank or petcock. Then the only thing it could be is either where your line connects to your carb or the float level. Also, make sure the gasket on the float bowl is good and your brass gas inlet is screwed in snug, with a gasket. It's a tiny one but kinda important.
    Big Red.
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    I'll check it out and hey, the electrical tape worked for a good couple months haha.