Fuel Mixture Oil to Gas Ratio Help!!!!!

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  1. Ok so i have a question on gas/oil ratios regarding performance parts
    1st off does the gas/oil ratio matter when running performance parts on your build? I run 32/1 before i added flex fit poo poo exhaust with an Xport manifold
    I have also purchased the GT-80 reed valve and carby intake manifold running on a 36 thooth sproket

    Before parts where added was able to get up to 32.8 MPH with just a dual boost bottle kit now with everything listed minus the boost bottle i only get about 21 MPH and the engine at time seems bogish if im asking this question in wrong area please just let me know where i can get the proper information

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    What I always recommend is do one modification at a time, when you try too many things at once it hard to tell what works and what doesn't. What rear sprocket were you running when you reached 32? It sounds like it could be geared too high, but that depends on the terrane and the weight of the rider. My 48cc bike with a custom pipe performs better using a 44t sprocket than it does with a 41t. It gets in the pipes power band better with the 44t.
  3. Was running a 36 thooth sproket with a dual boost bottle kit was able to reach 32.8 at WOT

    With new setup still running 36 thooth sproket no boost bottle running gt80 reed valve carburetor intake with XPort intake and flex fit poo poo exhaust only able to get about 21
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    If you run a reed valve the carb sometimes needs a bigger jet, you'll have to experiment to find what you need. To answer the first part of your question you do not need to change fuel ratio when you add a reed valve, 32/1 with a good oil for air cooled engines should lubricate the engine well. Most upgrades are not a bolt on and go situation, on a 2-stroke you have to tune to every modification.
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  6. The reed valve came with the carburetor its the gt80 reed and carb assembly they seel ut at gasbike.net should i have the c clip in the highest position on the needle meaning the needle goes furthest into the float bowl thats what ive read from a couple of people
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    Your two stroke motor will run fine on just about any branded 2 stroke oil. The big enemy of any 2 stroke is heat. Get a big finned head and replace the muffler with one that will let the motor breath. Reed carbs, boosters and the like don't really let you gain much. Here is an example. 66 cc Grubee, stock will run you down the road at about 30 to 35 mph. Add a ported cylinder and high compression head with a expansion chamber type exaust and you're going 40 to 45. Add a good after market carb and you are going a solid 45mph. It's that simple and a mixture of 4 oz. to one gal. of reg gas is fine.
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    I run lucas, it's a dime more than the no name stuff at autozone
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    Get yourself a 1 gallon gas can and some better quality oil such as Lucas oil or amsoil and put 4 oz of oil in the plastic jug the go to the gas station and put in exactly 1 gallon of gasoline. problem solved. if you can't figure out 4 oz you can borrow your mothers or chicks measuring cup and put 4 oz of water in it the pour that into a glass jar or glass and mark it with tape. (Marker rubs off quik don't bother) then dump the water out of the jar and dry it out good and now you have your own measuring glass for oil. i use a small canning jar with a lid to keep the dirt and bugs out when not in use and keep it filled to the line so when i run out of fuel it is already to go for the next trip to the gas station. But Don't take the glass jar with you to the gas station pour the oil in your gallon jug and take that to the station. also you can purchase little 5oz oil bottles at any hardware store that has lawnmowers. the problem with that is you need to figure out what size tank you have and carry just the right amount on your ride to do a fill up and most of the tanks out there are rather small so that little bottle will be too much for your tank which is why i said go buy a 1 gallon gas can. your gonna get a lot of people with good intentions telling you all kinds of confusing things... just do what i just said and you'll be just fine. i've been doing exactly that for 4 1/2 years on mine and not a single problem with mine
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    I think oil is oil
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    I do not believe there is a correct "ratio". It is relative to where you live. I am running 30/1,bike runs smooth and quiet in the morning when it is cool and damp. But on the way home when it is 85 degrees out it is extremely noisy. That is the nature of the cheap "china girl". Been riding mine for two years on the south shore of lake Erie
    ,summer and winter with no problems. So over all a fun experience,eats up brake pads and tires though.
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    My tires and brake pads wear out quickly about every 150 to 200 miles. My first build is a 27.5 and hard to find street tries for it.
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    Dead boy what you described is a air/fuel mixture problem not a oil/fuel mixture problem. A 30/1 mixture ratio is good for lubrication, it sounds like your jetting is too lean. I like to jet mine so its a little rich when cold, then when its hot it runs like it should.
  14. Ok, I now am a participant in the motorized bike world. Builder I bought the bike from ran 2-3 tanks through the bike and told me to run 20/1. I did and when the bike sits I have to put a paper plate under the pipe to catch all the blowby. The last time I rode it there was at least a teaspoon if not more of ooze that poured out while sitting overnight. I used to race Open Class two strokes in the So. Cal desert, District 37, Hare and Hounds. The last bike I raced was a KTM 540 DXC, an absolute beast of a bike. What I don't understand from the threads here is why I/we (and friends) always ran 50/1 with absolutely no problem whatsoever. Anything less was too much oil. And these threads talk about loosing hp with less oil and not running the bike to hard? WHAT ARE YOU GUYS SMOKING? And what is this garbage about the smaller the engine the higher the rpms? Did I read that right? What malarky.
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    What we are running are not as well made as a KTM, Yamaha, Kawasaki etc, our clearances are much wider and the quality control at some of the manufacturing plants is non exsistant. If you have a well balanced and machined engine you can run a leaner fuel/oil ratio, I have as well owned many 2 stroke dirt bikes and ran a lot leaner ratios, but the wear that some of these engines show indicates more oil is needed. I have found that 32/1 with a synthetic smokeless oil works best for me.
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    I just take a standard 16 oz water bottle and fill the bottom 1/20 section with oil, and then shake and pour as needed. Simple, and effective for mixing and storage.
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    Some years have passed, and they still recommend the crazy 16:1 ratio... I readed your whole post, thanks, you really helped me.
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    I have only used Valvoline Multi-Purpose 2 cycle oil mixed 32:1 in all my 2 strokes for over 10 years with no problems. I find the oil at Auto Zone