Oiling holes for roller bearings



I'm aware of a number of wrist pin bearing failures with happy time engines recently and some people have observed that there was no oiling holes in the con rod for the roller bearings. Has anyone tried to drill more oiling holes in the con rod. How many can you get away with. I'd imagine about 3 or 4 small holes would be O.K, certainly better than none.

Even the bushings would work if you had oil holes,but there's no oil pan here. Were dealing with a 2 stroke with the oil in the gas.
You'll need oil injection and a tray(pan) to recurculate it all.

Even the 2 stroke blown Detroit Diesels you find in buses use an oil pan.
Yeah but I'm sure I remember reading in Gordon Jennings two stroke tuners handbook that there should be some holes drilled in the con rod to allow oil to get to the roller bearing cage.