Oiling your chain...idea

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    My wife and I travel in our 5th wheel, we lave large bottles of mustard, catsup, and mayo. When going I don't like to take the large containers so I had her go out and get these plastic bottles. No sooner then she got home I told her I needed one of those. They are made in red, yellow, and clear,,,gee I wonder why... we even have one for sour cream. I filled one up with chain lube and it makes it so easy to oil my chains. I rest the tip on the angle bar going to the rear tire. Lean on the seat and walk the bike far enough to get the chain completely oiled...no mess, no fuss.

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  2. Esteban

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    Great idea ! Also, I store a little grease in a medicine bottle.
    Simple ideas like these, shared with others keep a good forum going !
    Thanks !
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    Used to do it that way,but always took too long for the oil to stop making a mess.Now use a propriety chain spray with a rag behind chain,let it set to solidify (usually over night).Whatever works
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    honey please pass the oil

    I am known to over oil and always like plenty of grease

    makes that THING slippery and nice like sugar and spice !!!