oily spark plug



After going for a pretty long ride today I noticed my spark plug is looking pretty oily. Right around the bottom where it screws in. Is that normal? The plug is still on tight.
You mean where the plug goes into the head? One of mine leaks a little bit, the other not.
yes right where it goes into the cylinder head. its not leaking really, just seeping thru i guess you'd say.
Mine does the samething and its brand new and its as tight as its going to get

sounds good to me. Look at the tip of the plug. You are looking for a toasty brown... That is where to look. If you have oil around the threads.. Then..Good..not a big deal.
Is there a picture of a spark plug that's "toasty brown"? Mine looks a little greyish. What does that mean, what should I do to fix it?