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  1. arceeguy

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    Noticed that he was in tears apologizing at his sentencing yesterday. Did he shed a tear for Nicole and Ron back in 1995? If we put him in jail, how is he going to find "the real killer"?

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    OJ picked the wrong state to get stupid in (this time).

    Nevada does not show much mercy when it comes to sentencing
    and in this OJ case -- most will be saying -- good THING for that.

    I couldn't believe it when he was found innocent for murder
    that back then was a very weak jury
    ignoring DNA and so many other facts.

    OJ is done for a long time now -- long gone
    and won't be riding any motor bikes

    sentencing was interesting -- took the annalist some time to figure the years out
    sounds like OJ will be doing 10 to 18 ??? anyone got that different ?
  4. kerf

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    IMO he was acquitted in LA because the trial was a media circus and the state was playing to the camera instead of doing their job. OJ is a thug, that's all he ever was, sooner or later all thugs wind up behind bars or on the root side of the grass.
  5. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas suddenly has a whole new meaning.

    I think though that if it was anybody other than OJ the sentence wouldn't be so bad.

    I mean it was his stuff he was trying to retrieve.

    But the irony of it all was that it was the same stuff OJ was supposed to give to the Goldman family but hid it away instead.

    In that remark,I think the judge was a bit biased.

    I'd like to see what sentences his friends that ratted him out get.
  6. kerf

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    Sorry Large but you sound sympathetic for OJ. He's a thug and a hoodlum that used a gun to take from someone, doesn't matter if it was his to start with or not.
  7. QuadManiac

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    He wasn't convicted of 'taking his stuff', he was convicted of assault with a deadly weapon and kidnapping exacerbated by the use of a firearm in the process of the crimes... all in the effort to 'recover his stuff'.

    Bad crimes, bad times. The sentences were completely within the realm of those expected for anyone convicted of similar crimes. If you wish to argue whether the charges were unrealistic, you'll have to take that up with the jury of 12 that unanimously found him guilty of such.
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  8. Mountainman

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    deal was offered to OJ

    the other's with OJ received very light sentences
    they took the deals offered by the DA

    it should be noted that back in the beginning of all this
    OJ was offered a deal also
    at least that's was reported
    he turned the deal down -- thinking he would make out with the jury better
    or as happens at times -- waiting for another offer (deal) from the DA

    nothing better ever came in
    ended up in court

    bottom line -- don't do the crime -- if you don't want to do the time

    ride that THING
  9. vegaspaddy

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    what was the difference this time round nobody cared....

    living here in Vegas the circus came and went and nobody gave a s@#@, perhaps its because most of us are trying to get by in these rough times for everybody everywhere,

    personally i have ran into MR OJ twice and the judge summed him up pretty well from my brief meetings, thats all i am going to say about him because personally i wasn't around when the white bronco happened, and didn't even now American football was played with a ruby type football when he was a star.

    Speaking of football players i spent 4 hours last night with the line backers for the chargers, and my advice to you don't want to **** off a linebacker, my neck was cringing just thinking about been hit by one of these guys trying to catch a ball, new respect for receivers thats for sure.
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  10. Quite the contrary. But here lies a catch 22. How can you possibly have a jury of your peers that does not know OJ?

    How can a jury be not biased to his other dealings?

    I mean Goldman was THERE! It was obviously a lynching.

    I believe without any doubt and I read his book not cover to cover but internet page to page thanks to a torrent but anyway I read what can possibly be another reason for it all and I believe OJ is as guilty as sin.

    It's just that I also believe the Jury was looking at a different trial. That's all.
  11. bikebum1975

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    He got what he deserved.
  12. JinbaIttai

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    I think his past haunted him to the point where he was ready to throw a brick through the window of a police station to be incarcerated. We are giving him part of what he deserves, but he will still be judged, and not by us.
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  13. Mountainman

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    since you live in Vegas Vegaspaddy -- your thoughts ?

    I have heard for many years now that Vegas is not
    the place to be caught in any kind of trouble
    Vegas wishing to keep their name as clean as possible
    so as not to scare anyone (good) away

    I will not get into any details here
    but -- years ago this guy from Calif got caught in Vegas doing wrong
    if found guilty in Calif at that time
    he may have received 1 year in jail to 18 months in prison
    he was found guilty in Vegas and received 5 years prison time
    the message that was sent to many here in Calif was

    don't come to Vegas and do your petty stuff
    cause when you get caught
    prison time years spent will add up to more that enough

    I am in full agreement with this message sent
    and regarding the OJ case
    looks like the same message that was sent out many years ago
    no -- OJ is not being picked on

    if OJ would have gotten caught for the exact same THINGS here in Calif
    just guessing that he would have received 3 to 10 years max...

    OJ got caught with his pants down in the wrong place
    now he will get a little taste
    someTHING special and just for him
    as he sits alone for a long time paying for much sin

    ride that THING -- takes on a whole new meaning !!!
  14. kerf

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    So let me get this straight, because OJ lived the life of a thug and there is no jury that hasn't heard of him, he's excused from accountability for his crimes.
    Hmm, interesting.
  15. SimpleSimon

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    He got off lightly.

    Every one of those charges in Texas carries a minimum sentence of 60 months, to a maximum of life in prison. Every one of them would have been enhanced in severity level by the use of a per se deadly weapon - a handgun - to "aggravated" status - which means that the convicted felon must serve a minimum of one calendar third of the sentence of record to become parole eligible. Further, the district attorneys in Texas are all signatory to an agreement to prosecute aggravated felonies as aggressively as possible, and to oppose the grant of parole every time the convict becomes eligible - as may any citizen, and the family members of the victim(s) are notified of impending parole examination 90 days in advance so they may do so. In many jurisdictions, it is routine for the court clerks to notify the news media of impending parole eligibility as well.

    He'd best be glad he's in NV and not Texas - for that concantenation of charges he'd very likely have received sentences of 30+ years, and they would likely have been set to serve consecutively instead of concurrently.
  16. Mountainman

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    well a little off the OJ subject

    but -- true facts stated SS

    Texas has also always been known to be strick with their laws = much time served
    see nothing wrong with that
    except -- after the Vietnam war
    some of our army men came back with addictions
    got caught in Texas -- did many years in prison for simple possession

    getting back to OJ
    he got what he deserved
    and glad that he didn't do the same in a lighter state such as Calif
    he was in the right place and is doing the right time

    not soon to be -- riding that THING
  17. flyer1

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    Can you say "Retribution"

    If anyone here thinks the "average Joe", with no past criminal convictions would have got 9-years in prison for a staged hold up such as this, I would ask "What have you been drinking?", it doesn't happen. The plantiff in the case asked the D.A. to drop the charges, the D.A. would not.

    O.J. is an idiot clearly, bringing in firearms was idiotic and probably unnessesary.His past caught up with him surely, a sad tale.

    We now have six more guys in prison, add them to the $60 billion dollar figure that already exists....there must be a better way.

    I'm no fan of O.J., he already made his own bed, living a miserable life I'm sure.