ok dont get up me just read post, zbox and rocksolid engines review

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    ok , so im new lol , i dont have a motor on my bike yet... but im tryin really hard, ok so i was gunna get a z66 from zbox then i saw the rock solid engines webstie, so i looked at the 70cchp stage 1 kit( heaps of mods i was gunna do anywayz but it saves me time and i cant stuff it upcuz it is already done 4 me lol) and thought wow that would have a lot of power and it looks reliable,like it has more of an impression on me than zbox cuz it come with racin carb fuel filter clutch is adjusted carb is adjusted and so on, it is a little more expensive than z box bout 380-400$ includin freight to 300$ for zbox ( includin freight) so i was wondering has anyone ever got the rocksolid kit i was talkin about and is it good , reliable, has power? then can ppl tell me their oppions about z box , kk thanks

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    Hi Juliman

    You've heard the old saying: "you get what you pay for".

    I've had contact with Tony at Rock Solid Engines and he makes some very well engineered products.
    There is some word around the station that Rock Solid Engines may be releasing a full billet CNC machined replica of a Happy Time style 2-stroke engine - it's release date is unknown though.

    Currently, i have a Happy Time style 2-stroke engine and am in the process of ordering about $600 worth of parts from him.

    If you want quality, be prepared to pay for it.

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