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Discussion in 'Dealer Advertisements' started by Pablo, Mar 9, 2014.

  1. Pablo

    Pablo Motored Bikes Sponsor

    We migrated our site and upgraded.....see if you can break it:


    Should be a little more friendly and we can add more pictures without external links. It's ready to go, but we will spruce it up some more in the weeks ahead.

  2. Fabian

    Fabian Well-Known Member

    I am really pleased that you can now order both the left hand side chain tensioner and the right hand side chain tensioner.

    These two items bring the reliability of the shift kit up to a level where it can be considered for long distance touring duties in harsh riding conditions.
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  3. Barry

    Barry Member

    Looks great but, I didn't have any issues with the old site either!
  4. FurryOnTheInside

    FurryOnTheInside Well-Known Member

    The ISIS crankset look the dog's [sphericals]! Left and right side tensioners look great too. Spiders are still hidden away in bicycle parts and tools section. Would love to see a 21T LHS jackshaft sprocket and all the above mentioned items in a Shift Kit III coming soon. ;)
  5. Pablo

    Pablo Motored Bikes Sponsor

    Spiders are there........need to configure for better visibility? OK

    21T we will have next week.

    Thanks for the input!!!!
  6. Fabian

    Fabian Well-Known Member

    ...did i hear someone say """21T left hand side jackshaft sprocket""" - i can't contain my excitement :grenade4:

    Will SickBikeParts be selling a 40T sprocket as an optional replacement for the 36T sprocket?
  7. battery

    battery Member

    Shift kit III? &%$&^%. I just bought the shift kit II. Guess I better find more money to blow. I have had no trouble with the freewheel chain. but the bike chain bounces an aweful lot! often skips off the gears. I could use a tensioner on the top of the bike chain.
  8. FurryOnTheInside

    FurryOnTheInside Well-Known Member

    Hey Battery. :) I'm not sleeping well so I thought I'd come back on and spam a few more threads lol. :p
    Yeah I only said that in kinda half-jest really because the SBP product range and it's possibilities are progressing all the time, which excites me. ;)

    Which gears (sprockets??) is the chain currently slipping off? You could reduce the whole RH side's RPM (hopefully also helping to stabilise the chain by slowing it down) by using the optional extra 21T LHS JS sprocket (which also allows you to better match optimal engine RPM range to optimal pedalling RPM range), then enlarge the final drive chainring to compensate and maintain the same over all ratio... but I think we discussed this on another thread which Fabian started, about dual range gearing with the shift kit.
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