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    Well hello there, My names Rich and I'm from Ohio. I am new to the whole motor bike thing but I already know what I plan on building. I am going to build my own version of a gas powered Rhoades car.

    I am a fabricator in the construction industry and have my own shop with the ability to have anything made fabed or machined so what is the hard part for most should be easy for me.

    My major problem is I know nothing about bicycles. My main issue is how the axle system should work. Any diagrams or pointers will be much apprieciated. I would like a solid axle design so both wheels spin(posi-traction) but would like freewheel abilty for the peddles. The motor would also connect to the axle by either chain or belt drive.

    Ok so this is me and what my plans are. I hope to hear from lots of you and look forward to every opinion and thought. Rich AKA tinman

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    hey there Rich
    welcome aboard
    I'm looking forward to seeing some pics of your build when you're done
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    Can't wait to see the car when done. Might need two engines, which would be totally cool.

    Would a motorized version be legal since it has four wheels ? Or will it be considered an illegal automobile ? Please check first before you invest your time and $$$.
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    Well i'm not sure of the illegal car thing BUT, in my humble opinion, a four wheel bike is considered a bike. So if a 2 and 3 wheel peddle assist bike is allowed why shouldnt a 4 wheel one be. Since i am now not able to work due to a disability this is a project to give me a hobby and make somthing useful for me. If they give me grief for my "peddle assisted 4 wheel bike" that might be fun too. I have lots of free time on my hands now and playing with city haal could be amusing at worst.

    A person in the position to dedicate his/her full time fighting for somthing they believe in is a powerful thing.
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    I wish you the very best of luck in your endeavors. I, too, am now disabled, and need more than two wheels for a "bike" to be ridable. Like yourself, I've concluded that designing and building my own vehicle is the only way to get what I want/need in such a conveyance.

    The biggest single impediment to such is the laws of the various states. Some recognize 2 and 3 wheel "bicycles" as bicycles, unfortunately, Louisiana (where I live) does not so recognize 3 wheeled vehicles. Nor, apparently, does Ohio (except delta trikes). In fact, there isn't much on the forum that I've found by a quick and dirty search thereof, so I hit Google, and found this:
    So, a specific license to operate a motorized bicycle is required. You must have a rear view mirror, you must wear a helmet, you may not have a passenger. Go here: http://codes.ohio.gov/oac/4501-23 for the actual regullations governing required equipment and certifications regarding "motorized bicycles" in Ohio.

    Read all of the code, I strongly urge you - the regulations are extremely specific, and unfortunately, there are conflicts between specific chapter sections within the code: e.g. 4501-23-07 Steering, paragraph (C) requires that no portion of the handlebars may be more than 15 inches above the seat or saddle when that seat is fully depressed, whilst 4501-23-10 Seat or saddle requires that "The seat shall be located such that any part of the handlebar is not more than fifteen inches (38.1 centimeters) above that portion of the seat occupied by the operator when the seat is fully depressed."

    In effect, the two sections require handlebars of zero thickness.

    Especially note that under Ohio law, a bicycle includes and IS LIMITED TO either a two-wheeled tandem vehicle (conventional bike) or a delta tricycle (one front, two rear wheels). Tadpole trikes, or "bike cars" like the Rhoades car, are NOT bicycles under Ohio law.

    Also note the following:

    All of that said, I wish you the very best of luck, and I envy you enormously the facility to build what you need readily - I can (and have) designed a vehicle compliant with state law here, I know exactly what is needed to build that vehicle, but I live in an upstairs apartment weith zero shop or garage space, and have only hand tools (and only one half of one hand to use them).

    In any case, pedallable vehicles are entirely different creatures under most state laws from motorized vehicles, and motorized bicycle codes tend to be extremely hit or miss, requirements wise. Unfortunately, Ohio is very much a "hit" case.
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    That's cool that Ohio even has motorized bicycle listed. In PA, they call them illegal mopeds. Absolutely no language of "motorized bicycle". Just "moped". And without a VIN, no dice here.