OK, Let's Get Crazy About 2 Stroke Racing Oils

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I've used motul a few years ago smelled like fish and bubblegum lol. Might try it for the friction drive 2 stroke. Either that or whatever they have at ace. When I did an oil change on the ruckus I used motul 5100 4t.
I'm just using Wally world Synthetic, but if I could pick any oil to run it would be VP off-road.

I've used their pre mix for my blowers, trimmers and chainsaw and I used to run their nitro fuels when I was into R/C racing- and it was consistently the best stuff.

Amsoil is overpriced/over hyped and Royal purple used to be the shiz back when synthetic oils were new- but now they are middle-teir.
I used to run Klotz in a 3 cylinder 2 stroke Kawasaki 750. I loved the smell of it burning. I ran that bike up to 140mph! It was a rocket ship!
Many young lads met their end on those. I took the 500 cc version for a ride once and had it over 120 in the blink of an eye.

Lucky for me I just gave it back and said, no thanks. A least you lived to tell the tale of the widow maker.
I don't trust myself on a fast bike. They should scare me, but they don't. I think I'm better off with a bike that tops out around 80
The bike was all fiberglass and carbon fiber super light! It would take two lanes on the interstate to go that fast because the bike would float back and forth as light as it was. Lol