ok now it keeps stalling

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    ok now that i relocated the gas tank, i had to get longer gas hoses, and it keeps stalling. it will idle alright i guess (sounds like its gonna stall but doesn't). but then when i rev it up a little, it starts choking then stalls if i dont let off of the gas. i am wondering if it isn't getting enough gas with the hoses being about a foot longer because the hoses move a little when it starts to stall. so i tried taking the fuel filter off, to see if it was clogged. it idled better but still stalled when it was reved up. if anyone knows how to fix this, that would be awesome. thanks

  2. We need pics. Remember this is gravity fed so if your fuel line isn't directly pointing straight to your carburetor you'll have that.

    I like to see NO air bubbles in my fuel filter (I got the clear plastic filter so I can check for air) What I do next is unorthodox. When my filter has some air bubbles,I actually blow in my tank till it fills up. I think maybe my tank screen could be obstructed. I really should drain and check.

    Also,if you modified your gas cap so it will leak less or anything like that you could have choked your tank. Your tank needs a way for air to get in so gas can freely flow out.

    I hope all this babbling helped.
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    I had to take the smallest drill bit I had, (needle size) and drill a tiny hole in the center of my gas cap to get the correct venting. Then pushed the tickler button on carb 5-10 times to get the flow going. I keep the gas level 1" from the top. I never had any gas splash/leak out. Sounds like yours is starving for fuel.
    If its warmed up, you did turn the choke off, correct? May be a dumb question but I had to ask.
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    Ok thanks guys

    alright thanks for the replies. i was talking to my dad and he told me about the gravity feed, which i didn't think about. my tank was lower than my motor. I will try to get pics up sometime, but i have dialup so it would take forever at my house. Im not really sure where to put the tank because the motor is mounted on the seat post, so i dont know how to get it any higher. I'll try some things. Yeah im not sure if it has the right cap on it because i dont remember seeing any holes. i'll have to check that. Now i have to get a spark plug and find the right gap because i accidently dropped mine. thanks again for all the help.
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    I was having problems with fuel flow too, and done what Graucho said, drill a tiny whole in the top of the tank (this stops a vacuum forming, which is a stronger force than the gravity, therefore no fuel getting to the carb). That sorted the problem out straight away, I can even turn my tank upside down and the fuel doesnt leak out! But you must do it with a tiny drill bit!
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    ok i tried those things

    ok i tried what you said and i am still having problems. i have uploaded a video for you to watch if you want. also i will include a couple pictures of the bike. as you can see it is upside down. and i have mounted the gas tank higher than the motor just temporary to see if it worked, but it didn't. i also drilled a tiny hole in the lid for some air, but still nothing. tell me what you think. Hopefully they all work.

    Here is the video.

    Here are the pictures.


  7. My chain saw is doing that too. When I get a chance I'm gonna clean it all out.
    I think you should clean out your carb with carb cleaner and clean out your float bowl.
    I'm pretty confused,though. You started that engine with the bike upside down so when it's right side up the float bowl in your carburetor will be upside down?
    And how in heck is that driving your bike????
  8. I dont think it is a fuel flow problem, I agree with LF, I think it is in the carb. When u watch the video the primer bulb never goes empty....
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    well i went to a place in town that sells chainsaws and weedeaters and i asked the guy and he said its probably the exaust filter or whatever its called. so i checked that and i guess the guy that i bought it from already took it out. so i took apart the carb and aired it out really good cause i didn't have any carb cleaner at the time. and now it doesn't die but it still doesn't get to full RPM. so i'll go get some carb cleaner now. also how do you use it on a weedeater engine? oh and it isn't driving the bike yet, i wanted to make sure i could get it running before i went out and bought some sprockets. thanks for any more help.
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    need help

    i just bought and installed the botton half of engine to my old top half, unfortunately every few seconds motor back fires. Whats is wrong. Please email me at Dpheatt66@yahoo.com with any advise. Motor run , does not idle, power seems good, hard to tell with all the back fire, changed plug ran good for 30sec then backfire.